How to Clean a Metal Fusion Wheel

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If you want to clean a beyblade but can't afford to do driger gt's method? Well I will teach you a method of cleaning and shining your bey!


Pink Eraser ( It has to be it or this method will not work )
A Soft Cloth
Old Toothbrush
Window Cleaner
Hand Sanitizer or Rubbing Alcohol

1. Get the eraser and rub all sides until shiny, take as much time as you need

2. Wash off debris at a faucet and quickly dry off

3. Get hand sanitizer and pour a decent amount of it on the wheel, then rub in between your hands until dry repeat x2 ( if using rubbing alcohol, put a decent amount on the cloth and rub all sides )

4. Now use the window cleaner and spray on the cloth, rub wet cloth on the wheel on all sides and your done!
How would this come close to working? First the eraser is going to do squat, either is the hand sanitizer especially since you said rub it dry and thirdly rubbing alcohol only only disinfects things it has no real usage on metals. There is a thread about affordable ways to clean your Beys using household products. It was only two threads down your thread according to recent posts this was very unnecessary.