How does a Beyblade Burst fall apart during battle?

Hi, I'm trying to research more about Beyblades for my Physics Science Project and I was wondering how does a Beyblade belonging to the Burst series, fall apart during battle? I had tried to Google this but to no avail. I have come here in hopes that the people in this forum would help me get a better understanding of the "Burst" mechanism, thank you! I also appreciate any other suggestions on other variables I am able to investigate on. My current question is determining how the force of the launch applied affects the "burst-ability" of the Beyblade. 

My previous research question was on how the angle of launch affects the Beyblade's precession, but I felt my research did not have enough contribution to the community. I wish to research on variables which have a relationship and have some application in Beyblades and Physics, and I hope this research would be useful to others. Thank you!
Each hit with another beyblade makes the layers stop. The disk and driver keep moving however, and the energy from the hit makes it skip on the layer, making the slope/teeth advance. Once it has advanced enough, the beyblade will burst.
Indeed. It's a simple application of newton's first law. As put, an object in motion will stay in motion until acted on by an outside force. This means the layer getting hit to slow/stop it and the disk/driver beneath continuing to turn unimpeded. Eventually it turns past the locking point and the spring pushes the bey apart.
I posted this earlier but it didn’t show Unhappy When a beyblade’s layer is hit it pushes against it, but the disk/driver will continue rotating, but the stronger the spring and teeth the less they will be able to skip the teeth. Launching harder makes beys more likely to burst in opposite spin battles, this was also shown in episode 43 of Beyblade Burst God when Drain Fafnir burst Blast Jinnius. Launching harder in a same spin battle only makes you more likely to burst from hitting the wall of the stadium, unless you have an incredibly easy to burst bey like Guardian Kerbeus Wheel Bearing against a weak launched bey like Apocalypse, but Apocalypse would be more likely to win if it’s not weak launched even though it would be (technically) possible to burst it. Even though weak launching in a same spin battle almost guarantees you won’t burst you will almost certainly get out spun.
It’s all due to the spring that it comes apart during battle. I took out a spring out of a fake Beyblade and it didn’t burst once mid-battle, but it bursted once it stopped spinning (it was at the point where it would technically and legally be considered a burst).
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