Home play formats?

What fun formats do you use to keep things interesting at home?

Something video games do very well is continuously have tiny rewards for a variety of missions to keep the general gameplay from being the only focus.  I've been trying to think of how one could simulate this effect in a home environment so there was a fresh reason to sit and do a few battles each day as I find my sons are only really stoked for a day or two after getting a bey.

Some ideas we've run through:

Family league.  We built, balanced and randomly distributed 4 teams of 3 beys to each family member for a 3 on 3 schedule.  It worked out to 96 total games in the season.  This worked well to include all members of the family and all of our beys, so it was fun, but only two of us really cared in the end, so it died out at the half way point after a week or so of a few games here and there.

King of the hill.  Session based play.  Each player makes a build and plays for 3 points with the loser getting to make a combo to try and knock off the winner.  If the winner goes 3 consecutive wins, he gets a king of the hill point, but then the combo had to retire unless the challenger wanted another crack.  Eventually this forced us to rely less on our best parts.  We still do this, after a while we forget what we've used so it resets organically.

Skill games.  1. How many times can you get M.D2.Gn to do a complete lap around the arena on one launch (we're over 40) 2. Balance a build to challenge for longest spin 3. How many times can X bey beat Y bey one a single spin.

With some old Hasbros, we played 'Air Blades' in the yard.  Essentially, it's catch with two beys tossed simultaneously with an aim to burst the other players bey in mid-air.  If there is contact and you still catch a bey, you also win.  It's tricky at first, but we soon find a rhythm, then it gets fun.

All that said, I'm looking for a format that can extend out over time to build towards something greater than the game-play itself so the boys have new elements to look forward too to keep it fresh.  

Untested idea:  Each player chooses their top build and sets it aside as their hero.  Then, each players chooses (or drafts) a team of 4 beys, 1 from each type (A,D,S,B).  In succession, each players hero must knock-off the other players team of 4 to win.  To settle ties, see how far into the remainder of the beys your hero can go with no restriction on type.  Highest score wins.


Ohh, just had another idea. Assign each 'part' a value, higher if the part is less useful. Use the total sum of parts in a combo to create a value for the bey, which it earns instead of a single point during battles. Underdogs taking one win might get more points than a champion build could earn in several battles, making it strategic to choose certain parts which may have a fair trade-off between win % and payoff.