Hobby Updates, on Beyblade Spirit.

Hopefully I will post a lot here too.

For the moment, there is a satisfying animation that shows how to remove some pieces of the Launcher Grip :

Also, I sometimes try to write about the new beyblades. Obviously I do not know everything about them, so if you find something that you know is evidently wrong, I would appreciate if you could notify me about that, in a correct way. Do not necessarily go on a race to find mistakes, because I think I could add or remove a few things I wrote already.

Regarding the previous series of beyblades, you can tell me about mistakes there too, even though I could not rewrite the reviews for that matter.
On the Launcher Grip page it says String Shooter, where it should be Beylauncher.
(Jul. 18, 2009  6:28 PM)Giga Wrote: On the Launcher Grip page it says String Shooter, where it should be Beylauncher.
Fixed, hoping people will look at the Beylauncher page as well ... For so few items listed in the Metal Fight Beyblade section, I am not sure links within pages are really necessary.
wow before i only new that the bottom part came off and could be used as a tool. But people make some pretty cool gadgets.
Great job on the Launcher Grip animation!
I really liked that animation as well. Was great.
Hey does anyone know when the next tournament is i really love to enter . plz reply if you guys know . kai v you send me email right
This is really not in the right place. Tournaments are all fan run. Please read around the forum and the rules before posting.
Cool Grip Animation

Lol I didn't even know you could do that until I wnet I actually went to a touney and I'm like wait how do you.....
thats pretty handy even though its not to hard to know how the grip works, and it even comes with instructions, so the people who use this would be people who buy a grip not knowing how to use it and dont bother to look at the instructions and are incapable of playing around with the grip to see how it works.