Hidden OP?

So i was comparing Flame and Forbidden because of their simlar looks and noticed Forbidden might be a lot worse in stamina and defense than Flame, but has incredible amounts of recoil.

Then i tried using Forbidden as an attack wheel and it proved to be one of the best low attacking wheels i've had so far,
It was able to stop a Gravity Perseus DF145 WD in about 3 hits. At one point it even shot it straight out of the stadium.

The combo is 
Forbidden, Byxis/Scorpio, 85, RF/F/SF/XF/RSF
(RF/RSF (more grip) is great here since otherwise it tends to knock itself away but XF is a great alternative if you have to go extra low)

I only have a closed stadium but with a rubber tip, this thing knocks out a lot of other beys out even outside of the closed stadium.
I'm using the super vortex stadium (mfb)

I wonder. Does anyone even have forbidden?