Hidden OP?

So i was comparing Flame and Forbidden because of their simlar looks and noticed Forbidden might be a lot worse in stamina and defense than Flame, but has incredible amounts of recoil.

Then i tried using Forbidden as an attack wheel and it proved to be one of the best low attacking wheels i've had so far,
It was able to stop a Gravity Perseus DF145 WD in about 3 hits. At one point it even shot it straight out of the stadium.

The combo is 
Forbidden, Byxis/Scorpio, 85, RF/F/SF/XF/RSF
(RF/RSF (more grip) is great here since otherwise it tends to knock itself away but XF is a great alternative if you have to go extra low)

I only have a closed stadium but with a rubber tip, this thing knocks out a lot of other beys out even outside of the closed stadium.
I'm using the super vortex stadium (mfb)

I wonder. Does anyone even have forbidden?
Hope nobody gets at me for reviving an old thread, but as nobody has answered I figure I may as well.

So in my testing, forbidden is all around a viable option for smash attack, though its lighter weight compared to other relevant options like screw and vulcan means it isn't as consistent. The contact points are raised though, which is neat for mixing up your height matchups.

As for clear wheels, byxis and scorpio don't help expose any contact points, so it's better to use something heavier. My reccomended combo for forbidden is MF-H Forbidden Susanow/Bull/Kerbecs Ch120/Df105 Rf