Hi, my name is : Berūu

Hi, everyone!

Well done, it’s my first post, I introduce myself. ?

My name is Berūu, I'm a young and brave French blader... a little over 35 years old... OK not so young! ??

I discovered Beyblade at the end of last year by pure chance following a Christmas gift for my son... The first Burst was epic, so since then the games have been going on!

My curiosity "poked", I launched some research on the network and I discovered a whole world then unsuspected made of layers, drivers, infinite combinations, over-vitamin combos, strategies, passionate people and so on....
This is how it all started at ?

And since then, a lot has happened!

Given the reputation of this "children's" game in France, I decided to make a first video for a more adult audience... then a second one... that's how my Youtube channel was born:
(You can subscribe ??)

And then there was an Instagram and a Facebook page.
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Telling myself that my son's friends liked to play this game too, I thought that many children must be passionate about these little spinning tops, but that other than occasionally playing in their rooms with brothers and sisters or with friends, not much was going on for them.
So I decided to set up an association so that they could have fun in a more competitive and challenging environment with materials made available and on a regular schedule with training sessions, workshops, tournaments etc..... 

So I created a BeyClub! : the Berry Bey Club
You can find us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/berrybeyclub
Or directly on our small website: https://berrybeyclub.wixsite.com/bourges

That's one of the (many ?) reasons I'm here today.
I would like to be able to organize tournaments regularly ... and why not do them with the WBO?!

I would also be delighted to share with all of you our passion for Beyblade that unites us across borders ?

See you soon in the posts and love Beyblade ?

Welcome to the WBO! The people here are great Smile
Welcome to the WBO! The users here are pretty friendly and would definitely like to talk to you Smile
Welcome. It seems that there's a good audience for Beyblade in France. I have a french-speaking Youtube channel as well, but I'm Canadian. Most of my subscribers are still from France. X)

It's good to have you here and hopefully we'll get to see you become a WBO organizer eventually. Wink
Thank you for the welcome!
Oh great Morc ! Can you give the link of your YT channel ? ?
Hello! Nice to see new people around the site.
Hi, looking forward to see your content. I do have a youtube and instagram (kinghadoukenbeypla) as well, but I only post in IG due to device and time limitations.

Welcome and enjoy your stay in WBO, you'll definitely learn a lot here!
Oh yes I’m already follow you on Instagram @kinghadoukenbeypla ??
I hope you enjoy my content so ?