Hi, everyone!

Hello! I've joined the forum a while ago but haven't posted anything until today. ^^" 

You can call me by my nickname "umi" or my name "Deniz".  I'm a girl from Turkey and I'm an aspiring illustrator.

I was huge fan of the first season of Beyblade anime when I was a child but I've become distanced from it in years sadly. I don't know anything about next generations of this anime/manga to be honest. ;n; 

Last year, I sold my Beyblade collection because of need and I met with some local Beyblade fans. One of them requested me to make sticker sheets for their Beyblades and while I was searching the sticker sheets I found this website (huge tanks to eveyone who shared sticker sheets!!) . Joyful_3 

Nice to meet you everyone!