Help make me a good blader?

Can anyone give any good combos for any of these beys to make them OP? I want to keep amaterios the same if it's not a weak combo.
I have:
1. Hasbro orichalcum, outer, octa
2. Hasbro slingshock, airknight K4, DR67, TS15-S
3. Hasbro Xcalius X4, D55 (1 I believe), TA17-S (sword I think)
4.  Hasbro burst rise Hypersphere Sword valtryek v5, D69, TH05
5. Hasbro burst rise Hypersphere wizard fafnir F5 (trash), D70, TH06
6. Takara tomy gheist fafnir, 8', Ab
7. And shining amaterios, 3, destroy from the beyblade burst battle zero switch game.

Please help make me stronger!!
I would like my xcalius to have crazy attack and burst so it doesn't stop spinning before the burst happens, my orichalcum almost cannot be beaten except by my amaterios, so those two are really good. I do wish my fafnir could spin steal more and have a bit of life after death. My valtryek isn't really that good at all too. I want more attack for it. Any good combos will help! Thanks
Oricalcum Outer TS15
All of these parts are pretty outclassed, but maybe xcalius x4 D55 destroy? Also, this should be in the build me a combo thread.

Edit: sorry I didn't realize he already started a thread for this