[Hasbro]  Turbo Achilles A4 Testing and Discussion

With the semi-recent unban of Turbo Achilles A4 in Burst Limited, I decided to do some tests. I will be testing the attack potential, and may do defense/stamina testing later.

All tests are done in the B-33 stadium, with two power gear DB launchers. In tA4 will be launched second in attack tests. tA4 will be launched at a bank. Ten rounds per test.

Turbo Achilles A4 0Bump Xtreme vs Drain Fafnir 0Wall Bearing’
tA4.0B.X: 30% (2 KO, 1 Burst)
dF.0W.Br’: 70% (5 OS, 1 Burst, 1 KO)

Turbo Achilles A4 0Bump Hunter-S vs Drain Fafnir 0Wall Bearing’
tA4.0B.Hn-S: 40% (2 Burst, 2 KO) 
dF.0W.Br’: 60% (2 OS, 4 KO)

Hunter-S is definitely the better pick for tA4, due to it’s increased speed and better banking abilities than Xtreme (in this case). It does require early hits, but because of the few attacks it can get in as well as the wall saves, it’s a bit riskier. Before testing against the beast of gF.0L.Ω, I’d like to try Destroy.

Turbo Achilles A4 0Bump Destroy vs Drain Fafnir 0Wall Bearing’
tA4.0B.Ds: 56.25% (2 KO, 4 Burst, 3 OS)
dF.0W.Br’: 6.25% (1 KO)
6 Ties: 37.5% (6 OS)

Destroy so far is the best driver for tA4. It allows the layer to make more consistent contact, allows the option of stalling (not used in the test), and has fairly good LAD. tA4 has decent anti-spin equalization abilities, which is great against dF builds. I will do a test against gF.0L.Ω with Destroy and see how it goes.

Turbo Achilles A4 0Bump Destroy vs Geist Fafnir 0Lift (Up) Ωcta
tA4.0B.Ds: 37.5% (4 OS 2 KO)
gF.0L.Ω: 25% (4 KO)
6 Ties: 37.5% (6 OS)

tA4 definitely has a favorable matchup. The only way it loses is if it gets a random critical hit, but can’t fully KO gF. That enables gF to go back to the center while killing everything in it’s path, due to it’s heavy weight. If tA4 starts stalling, the most likely outcome is a tie or a tA4 OS.

From the current testing, it definitely seems that tA4 has a very good opposite spin matchup against Bearing tier LAD combos and non-rubber KO defense types. My next set of tests will be against right spin layers such as Twin Nemesis and Tide Treptune T3, and Drain Fafnir on Drift.
I wonder how it'll be oriented in Burst Limited again.