[Hasbro]  Never use these beys in the slingshock

Hi bladers!
Ahh... the slingshock... a high-speed stadium that is used with a bey's kenetic and potantial energy... Also, there's two of them so far; Slingshock and Railrush/Railway (whichever you prefer to say, i'll refer to it as railway) But have you noticed that most of the tips that are NOT slingshock related can use this? Have you also noticed that some tips are terrible at this? Well, here's a list of tips you should NEVER use for the slingshock gimmick:

1. Loop; Let's get the ovious out of the way; Loop is the worst at the slingshock. My friend and I were using the railway stadium and i used Odax single layer, Tripple, Loop (which i called "Paradox" for comedy sake) and he used i think Tyros, 6, Bearing. We launched at maximum power and head to the center. To my surprise, Paradox jumped into the railway and shot out like a shotgun in the opposite direction, loosing the battle instantly :(

2,3,4, and 5. Revolve, Bearing, Eternal-S and Absorb; I can't belive i'm saying this,but these three tips are terrible! Revolve is obviously trash, Bearing attracts too much dirt/hair overtime, Eternal-S is shaped WAY too much like an obese Nothng and Absorb almost never goes into absorb break! Also, taking the shape of the stadium, all four are too thick to go into the slingshock.

6. Cycle; *insert table-headbang here* Why? Why does this tip exist? Jormuntor is an ok bey with a defence tip... but THIS?! C'mon Burst,you were my second favorite series (aside from God/Evolution of corse, someone get Rantaro'sfan because that was lit)

7. Sword; Sword is the best substitute for Cycle. Its two little hilts that can re-animate stamina, the FEIRCE iorn that immitates iorn, the fact that it is the tallest tip aside from Extend... but WHY RAILWAY?! It's ok for slingshock because it can jump out of the long part, but Railway's sudden twist and turn might cause it to lose a HUGE ammount of stamina and attack power. Whilei'mon the subject of twists and turns, i would just like to say that it is even worse in the Chaos core which has 5 sudden twists and turns... oh, and the reason why i mentioned edge being a good driver in my last post? It's the best in this stadium, ok in railway but horriblein slingshock

8. You guessed it, Edge; Edge isok in Railway... but in slingshock, it isn't all too impressive in the long and slowing run accros the half foot long travel across the stadium. It will also get caught in the sub-pockets that you could spin around to make a reverse slingshock/railway... which me and my friend will classify as a ring out if it gets stuck.

9. (This WAS going to be Gard, but gard is ok with it due to the fact that it can go upwards) Operate-s in attack mode; I like that this tip can be used as either attack or defence... but really?! In slingshock, it will obviously jump out mid-way (come to think of it, it can be a good thing, but there is an off-chance that this can make the tip lose stamina)or get stuck mid way (which me and my friend will call a ring out finish) Operate-S is by far my  #1 favorite tip which beats Hunter... but oof, i just hate its attack mode withslingshock... Railway can offer the sudden twist and turn, which can make it lose stamina, but I had a crazy dream that it jumped on the outer wall of railway, almost making a ring-out, but doing the Maximus Garuda move...which happened the next day in real life!

10. Liner; Well, this tip is terrible in all ways... but what makes it worse if that sweet slingshock and railway gimmick which happened just like the Paradox sinario

HM (Honerable Mention). Liner-s; Being that it is on Galaxy Zeutron, i cannot describe how improveed it is

and finaly 11. Zeta secret mode; If i were to change this list to "Terrible tips for each stadium" This would definently be in last place... But if it were to eceh o in the slingshock/railway ... well, chose your sinario
A. It will be the Paradox sinario
B. It jump into a true ring out without the over-veiw plastic
C. It flopps sideways
or D. All of the above
If you picked D, great choice! 

Anyways, that's my opinion... Thanks for reading and may the bey keep spinning!
P.S To not be a critic, 1-HM are all good tips for the other stadiums evept for Chaos Core... oh, and 2-5 are good at Chaos Core

hmm, usualy i'd expect the critics to roll in about a day after my posts but hmm... weird... not saying that everyone's a critic, just the ones that always finda a way to comment on my posts in a negative way. I strongly appoligise if you areone of those pepole, just using the word "critic" as an example ;) new edit: had anyone read this yet? Reply "read" if you have, i just want to see if anyone read it or not.
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