[Hasbro]  HyperSphere Driver Testing and Discussion

(Dec. 06, 2020  10:45 PM)bladekid Wrote:
(Dec. 06, 2020  8:58 PM)beykid44 Wrote: I have bullet 1 and keep could i help testing i only have a rail rush stadium
You could test stuff for sure, but without a TT stadium, the tests don’t mean much unfortunately.

Ih well Atleast i can help! C:
(Dec. 06, 2020  8:35 PM)Hollowmind8 Wrote:
(May. 22, 2020  8:55 PM)Nitrogenic Wrote: Alright guys
Opposite spin: Bullet 1, Linear, Jagged, Spiro, Rise
Same spin: Valor,  Charge-111, Keep, maybe Orbital
Can someone do testing on Banshee-H (released with Morrigna)
I have banshee-H (and morrigna), i only need to know how do I test it, with the stock morrigna combo or a random one?

Any good same spin stamina combo
Like Air Knight k5 0 banshee-H? (The better I can do)