Hades Kerbecs

I am using a Hades Kerbecs BD145DS which is the configuration that comes out of the box and I really like it, but I think it could do a lot better with a different tip.

Most of the time I battle in Defense mode with the Boost Disk because the DS tip doesn't seem to do well in attack mode. I am thinking about trying a WD or a ball tip to enhance his defense/stamina qualities, but would be interested in some feedback about different ways to customize Hades Kerbecs.

Has anyone had any experience with attack tips on this Bey?

MF Hades Kerbecs BD145CS is a former Top-Tier BeyBlade. CS is from Ray striker/Unicorno. Also, as you're using Hasbro names I'm guessing you're not sure what Takara Tomy is. Its a Japanese BeyBlade Company, that make a load more Beys than Hasbro.

Search on Ebay, or at the shops here and I'd recommend getting one.

Also, post this in "Build me a Combo 2".
Stratus G.
Instead if posting this thread, Look at the neighboring threads here.
80-100% have a variant custom of Hell Kerbecs you could have built and idea off of.
This doesn't need a new thread... Post in "Build me a combo 2"...