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I'm tempted to get into HMS, and I found a Jiraiya MS for $38 + $9 shipping, and I'm wondering if this is a good deal. It seems like it, since the Price List lists it at $50, but I have seen them commonly listed in the $30-$40 range in value. So, good deal or bad?

Also, which of the common three should I buy? I need a launcher.
About the common three, Draciel MS is best because it has a 15 gram Circle Wide, which is extremely useful. You could get Gaia Dragoon MS for its AR which is OK for Spin Steal. Advance Balancer is better.
I'd say so. I'd say $45 excluding is high so that's about middle of the range. I'd say $50 is a little high on the list since that's supposed to be excluding shipping.
ginga: Thanks.

Ultra: I can't tell if its a good or bad deal from your post. It seems like your saying its fine, just a little high, but I just want to make sure of this.
Not sure how you misinterpreted the words i'd say so. It's about middle of the range essentially. You can try this seller for a lower price since her prices are good. However shipping is kinda expensive since she's from Australia so it might not make it any better:

(Mar. 28, 2013  4:42 AM)GaHooleone Wrote: Gaia Dragoon MS itself (using the AR, even the same color BP) resembles Gaia Dragoon G, not S.

I was saying that the spin-stealing option was the only possible use for Gaia Dragoon in any manner. As an attacker, it sucks and will eventually end up spin stealing if going in the opposite direction.

I was thinking it would resemble it with the Dranzer MF's weight disk because is similar to Gaia Dragoon's S-AR

I said that I know it's not good for attack, but all "standard" Gaia Dragoon were for attack, including Gaia Dragoon MS, but when mine broke I wanted to make a new one has a replacement but with better parts (also keeping the broken one in its old box)
About how much should I expect to pay for a Shining God MS?
Depends. They don't come around often and when they have the sellers have charged a lot for them. A fair price would be around $150 but I'm not sure if you'd ever be able to find it for that.
NOOO!!! Oh well. What HMS should I get first? I'm not planning to be competitive or anything, just for collection.
It depends what your level of collecting is, i.e. your budget.
I don't really care, I just want some HMS. What are those that are good competitive, but stillcollection worthy?
Um, pretty much everything you are thinking of is $35+. So be warned.

BeyWiki has pretty much everything you need to know, but highlights are:

Dragoon MS/MSUV (hard to come by for NIB)
Death Gargoyle MS
Wolborg MS (best uncustomized)
Advance Averazer
Adavance Eterner
Advance Attacker
Jiraiya MS
What about SCMS and Sea Dragon? I think those would definitely be highlights too.
Yeah, those too, haha.

By the way PikaBlader15, just be warned:

HMS only gets more expensive, and it is a very costly generation to get into no matter if you want to play competitively or for collection.
You already warned him once hahah.
haha, it is just the kind of thing that could easily be read over, and it doesn't hurt to repeat, lol.
Ok, thanks.

Edit: Wait, is most HMS generally expensive? Because if thats so, uh uh?
Well I was Beyblading yesturday and Dragoon ms rubber came off the Running Core, I can put it back in but it only comes off if I pluck it out, should I just super glue it and will it effect it in battle?

Thank you. Stupid

[Image: photo.php?fbid=127269727468215&set=a.102...=1&theater]
(Apr. 17, 2013  3:41 AM)PikaBlader15 Wrote: Ok, thanks.

Edit: Wait, is most HMS generally expensive? Because if thats so, uh uh?

Sorry, didn't see your edit.

Anyways, yes, the HMS system is generally expensive.
Ok, I don't think I'll be getting it, unless I find some really cheap.
[Image: 33lnfwo.png]

Can someone identify this CWD for me? It looks like CWD Free Survivor, but Thunder Dragon has no yellow recolors (so says beywiki).
Its from Sea Dragon I forget what its called, but its CWD something, maybe defense ring
I don't think it is, CWD Defense Ring doesn't look like that.
Oh, haha.

How is it performance wise?