HMS Combo

I dont really have beyblade but I was just thinking that this might work and if you can try it out please do

ar: dragoon ms
everything else : wolborg ms
im not sure it any good but its something I had in my mind so please guys see if its any good
Metal Attacker isn't really a good AR. Your better off with Wolborg MS uncostumized.

What other HMS blades do you have?
I sadly couldnt get anymore because after they came out bought those two and then i had to move to another country and couldnt get anymore
You can still buy online. But anyway, Wolborg MS is great uncustomized so no worries. Just try to use it in the opposite spin direction of the other beyblade, then it will steal spin. Also, if you plan to buy online, you should buy MFB, they have now outclassed HMS, even Wolborg MS.
And DGMS is good too, if the RC is in good condition.
Of course. You could try:
AR: Wolborg MS
WD: Circle Wide
RC: Dragoon MS
Concept ===> Upper Attack
yeah thanx and i am planning on getting mfb when i get the cash and with my combo i was planning against an attack type when he is weak ,attack with metal attacker