Is there a way to do it, I mean I know I've done it before with Dragoon MS let me paint a picture for you.... "There's 4 kids on my street that was Beyblading and i was like ok time to whip out Dragoon Ms and beet these kids", mind you i had never used it in battle with outer people i normally just played with my brother cause thats what i do,"so me and my bro go out there i use Dragoon Ms the first time too much power it spun out i was like ok let me turn it down a notch, so the second time Dragoon Ms sat in the middle of the stadium sat there for 4 seconds the other Beyblades were in 4 points around him then snap Dragoon Ms moved in a clock wise circle hitting every single Beyblade dead then went strait back into the middle" Now that was a HMS against 4 old ones... has someone have the same experience? And is there a way to replicate that move but with a combo blade?

Jesus christ, this is the wrong forum for this kind of thing.
Notice how its in "Beywiki forums"
and not "Beyblade Discussion"
Tsk tsk.
And to answer your question, it wasn't a move or anything.
You're 23 years old, stop thinking your beyblade is a pokemon that learns moves.
It was simply the movement pattern, probably the way you launched it.
???? what does my age have to do with anything? Anywho you not understanding what I'm getting at! Now i say MOVE Just To Say MOVE! what i really me is to act or to mimic mannerisms. to have a Beyblade sit then attack all the time like that what the Beyblade was made to do. That really what i meant! That what the Samurai did end that match as quickly as they could but waited for the best possible time to attack!Confused
There's Gattyaki, a launch technique. What Beyblades do is spin around a dish. Some of them do this in wider circles than others. They don't sit in the middle and then move- unless they have an EG, which HMS do not, it's kind of stupid to expect that to happen.

Also goddamn, did you not look at the rest of the topics in here before posting that?
I use the Waterfall.
Bey Brad
Only thing that would cause this is a clutch/EG/etc.

Also, yeah, what Ryuki and Annie said.