[Guide]  What To Buy To Be Successful In HMS

A-126 Dragoon MS
Dragoon MS contains the infamous Grip Flat core. Grip Flat core is essentially a wide, flat, and short RC made from extremely soft rubber. These factors combine to make an incredibly offensive Running Core. Grip Flat Cores utilises its short height and a soft rubber tip to generate massive amounts of Upper and Smash Attack. Furthermore, while wide, it is not as wide as the more aggressive Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Version) and while this is often considered an advantage, Grip Flat Core is far easier to control and much less prone to self KOs. Furthermore, Dragoon MS contains a Circle Wide, which can be utilized in Smash Attack Customizations.

MA-01 Dragoon MSUV

Dragoon MSUV is often seen as an upgrade to the aforementioned Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Version) and in one way it is. It is still a flat, light and short Running Core, made from soft rubber but is 1mm wider. This increases it’s aggression by 120-130% but is much harder to control and is much more prone to self KO. Overall, this part is incredibly useful but generally isn’t necessary if you already own a Grip Flat Core unless you would appreciate the extra power. Dragoon MSUV also comes with a Circle Wide, which can be utilized in Smash Attack Customizations.

MA-04 Death Gargoyle MS

Death Gargoyle contains two extremely useful parts. Firstly, and arguably the more superior of the two, is Circle Upper- the AR. Circle Upper is arguably the best AR HMS as a series has seen, having top tier uses in Attack, Defence and Stamina. Furthermore, Death Gargoyle also contains Metal Change Core, which, depend on how it is shot, is an excellent offensive and survival piece. No part is wasted with Death Gargoyle and deserves and to be a priority purchase, alongside Wolborg MS.

MA-08 Wolborg MS

Wolborg MS contains one part that changed everything about the HMS Meta; Bearing Core. Bearing Core, when combined with top tier stamina AR such as Wolborg MS’ Wolf Crusher, is able to out spin everything the Meta game has to offer, in all but a Tornado Stadium Type S. Bearing Core often avoids hits in most Stadia and can easily out spin every Survival and Defensive combo that HMS had to offer. Strategies existed with the sole purpose off overcoming Bearing Core and were often used. However, Wolf Crusher has limited use outside of being used with Bearing Core. Furthermore, Wolborg MS also comes with a Circle Wide, which has Top Tier usage in Attack Customisations. Easily one of the most useful HMS and by far the most powerful stock HMS, Wolborg MS is a fantastic purchase.

MA-10 Advance Striker MS

Advance Striker comes with Advance Attacker, which when spun in Left Spin (Upper Mode) has the best Upper Attack in the game, although it’s outclassed by Circle Upper in Right Spin. Furthermore, Advance Striker comes with Metal Flat Core, another top tier Upper Attack core.  Metal Flat Core should only be used over Grip Flat Core if additional Survival Capabilities are appreciated. Again, a worthwhile purchase, however Death Gargoyle and Dragoon MS/UV are both usually considered better options.

MA-14 Advance Eterna MS
Advance Eterna contains another top tier Survival AR; Advance Survivor. Advance Survivor is another spin stealing AR, thanks to the four spikes placed around the AR. Advance Eterna is another welcome addition for any Survival based combination.

MA-20 Samurai Changer MS

Samurai Changer contains only one worthwhile piece, Samurai Upper. Samurai Upper essentially is an upgrade in many senses off Death Gargoyle’s Circle Upper. Containing the same metal frame but a differ ABS caul that exposes more of the metal frame, Samurai Changer is more Offensively and Defensively focused being tied for the heaviest AR and being circular, whereas Circle Upper has more usage in Survival based combo being  lighter . While it is generally considered an essential part to own, Circle Upper is almost used in very scenario, due to its availably and cheaper cost.

MA-22 Jiraiya MS

Jiraiya MS contains two extremely valuable parts. Firstly, Jiraiya Blade is tied with Samurai Upper for being the heaviest AR and the heavy weight is focused towards the perimeter. This feature alongside its high spin velocity and protruding spikes gives it best Smash Attack in the game. Furthermore, Jiraiya MS comes with Bearing Core 2, identical the Wolborg MS in all senses but the tip. Bearing Core 2 is made off rubber; this allows Jiraiya to function as a counter to Grip Flat Core and Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Version) especially so in a Tornado Balance Type S stadium. Overall this is another great purchase and isn’t as costly as some of the other HMS Beyblades.

Thunder Dragon- HMS Act 1
Thunder Dragon WD, CWD Free Survivor, is contains a free spinning plastic piece that resembles the Dark Series SP. The free spinning plastic can be effectively used to defend from upper and smash attack. Thunder Dragon warrant a purchase simply for its WD.

Sea Dragon MS- HMS Act 2

Sea Dragon MS contains another extremely valuable WD, CWD Defence Ring. CWD Defence Ring is adds to a Beyblades spin velocity, due to its small circumference and heavy weight focused towards the centre of the piece.This increases defensive and offensive qualities and can be used for Survival combos, although CWD Free Survivor is often preferred for Survival Combos.

Slash Riger MS- Beyblade Fukobako 2005

Slash Riger MS Slash Upper is one of the most offensive Attack Rings that HMS has to offer, having top tier usage in both Smash Attack and Upper Attack. Slash Riger should be considered an option for its versatility; it does not have the smash of Jiraiya Blade or the Upper Attack of Samurai Blade, but does have strong traits of both and effectively combines them into a single Attack Ring.

Shining God - No. Just no. Sea Dragon's CWD is good enough especially considering how expensive Shining God is.
Advancer averazer - Advance eterner's AR is better so there's no reason to have it on the list.
Slash Riger - DEMS/Samurai Changer AR is just as good or better and not prohibitively expensive.

Other than that good job.
Ive only taken a brief look at it but it seems very good.
As mentioned Shining God's probably too prohibitively expensive to claim a spot; even though its CWD is definitely top of the class for what it does, so it does deserve a spot on a top tier list, just not this "what to buy to be successful" list.
i also believe Samurai's AR is called Samurai Upper, not blade.

Initial impressions of what's there so far are very very good though

edit:were you saying Shining God has a fixed CWD?
No, I got that the wrong way round. Shining God isn't fixed, Sea Dragon is.
Okay, so I'm going to take out Advance Averazer and Shining God, I'll fix up what I wrote about Sea Dragon as well. I still think Slash Riger is worthy of a spot, it is definitely a solid part and deserves a spot on here. What Slash Riger does isn't matched by other AR's.

Thanks guys!
Maybe so but it's also very rare and expensive. I don't think that's the kind of beyblade you want to tell people to buy when DEMS/Samurai Changer do just fine.
Slash Riger should not be on here. It's flashy, otherwise worthless.
Dude, have you used Slash Riger. Like seriously. The AR seriously is one of the best in the game.

Yo Ultra, I get what you mean about it being expensive, and that there are other options, but it seriously is one of the best ARs. I'll just think on it. Have you used Slash Riger BTW?
I haven't had one for a long time but I was more basing it on how rare it is and how infrequently it comes around these days.
I just sold my spare haha
Yeah and that is fair enough, but by that logic MSUV doesn't really deserve to be on there either, being expensive. I knew I'd just get bombarded on if I did that haha. Truth be told however, you really don't need one if you've already got a Grip Flat Core plus most HMS official battles aren't in tornado type S anways.
You can find MSUV' for $80 if you wait for the right time.
Metal Upper isn't bad either, it has great smash attack so.
It's alright as a cheap option, but honestly it Driger MS has outclassed written all over it.

Yeah I guess maybe, but you can get Slash Riger cheaper potentially; I got mine really cheap.
Nowadays Slash Riger is extremely hard to find, when it does pop up it usually goes for about $100 for a used one and about $180 for a NIB/NIP one.

It's really hard to get one.
Then again, a lot of the HMS on this list are expensive. I could make a budget version as well; being a little more realistic, alongside this one which would be the full thing.
It comes down to top tier list vs affordable success list
Very good job, in my mind though this list is just a little too extensive. When I think basic hms I think the only things really needed are DEMS, Wolborg, Dragoon, Sea Dragon and Jiraiya
What I could do is do a sort of footnote in my tier list, explaining how each top tier part is useful; then use this as a budget version perhaps? Although bey wiki sort of does that, but more brief perhaps?