Guida: Tenso (Comprare Beyblade da Amazon Japan)


If you're into Beyblade Burst right now, you're definitely importing right now, as Japan is the only place to get them. There are a ton of options out there, but I want to discuss what I use: Tenso. Tenso is a Japanese forwarding service, meaning that it can send you Japanese products that would normally not ship outside of Japan. While this service is applicable to almost anything, what it is most useful for is Amazon Japan. Today I'll give you a guide on how to sign up with Tenso, Amazon Japan, and how to use the service. I'll also explain why this service is advantageous over some of the other options.

Step 1: Sign up at Tenso

Step 2: Sign up at Amazon Japan

Step 3: Buy stuff on Amazon Japan

Step 4: Forwarding from Tenso

Step 5: Receiving your package

General disclaimer: If you don't often purchase items from Japan, your bank may contact you on a possible bank fraud. If they do this, just make sure to let them know you did purchase from a Japanese site, and that everything is fine.

And also, it should go without saying, but this service IS trustworthy. I have used them in the past and it worked out great.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the guide, let me know. Thanks for reading!