GreenBay Packers Beyblade

I was big on beyblading back in the 8th grade. Now in college, I just randomly decided to watch the original series, so I kinda got interested in beyblades again. During thanksgiving I got some of my old beyblades from my dad's house.

This beyblade has served me the best out of any plastic one so far. I know I illegally hacked off the wings to the attack ring haha, but it's just something to try if yall want a really good blade.

Attack Ring is a modded Draciel Ball Defense, to be more circular, thus reducing diameter and enhancing the blade's stabilization and spin velocity.
The Weight Disk is a 8 heavy I think. Second heavies next to the 6 sided one, which is too small and hampers the spin time some.
Blade Base is Tripio's, which is same as Master Draciel's but yellow. It used to run the Draciel Ball defense base but the hight of this one provides better stability. In my opinion one of the best blade bases for perfect balance and good endurance.

The weight disk and attack ring are smaller in circumference than the base's top, making the balance better.

The blade does 2:46 in spin time using a regular length rip cord. It was tested in a big Ikea plate tho so it wouldn't knock into the beystadium walls.

So I guess this would be considered a compact blade. But anyways any comments or whatever would be nice. For the most part just showing it off to possibly spread the knowledge of making a very good beyblade.
The heaviest WD would be a 10 heavy, the small WD with 10 sides.
The base isn't very stable, and can get knocked around easily since it has a sharp tip.
The beyblade wouldn't be legal since you hacked off the tips of the AR, but it seems like a fun bey to play around with Joyful_3
We really don't support modding and changing anything on the bey that would make it illegal, including hacking off the tips of the AR. But it's still nice, I guess. I'm sure a Tiger Defense AR would be better. The AR (of Driger S) is extremely small and has a little upper attack. It is also very round, and deflects attacks well.

I personally want to make a "Elmo" Bey. Chocked
Cool I think my very first beyblade was DrigerS, couldn't find it for the life of me though over thanksgiving, so now I only have a very few parts to fool around with. I do remember it being very small, so if I wanted to play again I guess I'd buy a new one.

What other bases would you recommend for a compact blade. I think this base is pretty good. The tip is sharp enough for extreme endurance, yet rounded to provide essential balance. Plus since it's on the heavier side and the allocation of weight is mainly in the center of this beyblade, it regains balance pretty easy. Rarely gets knocked out of balance.

I know Metal Draciel/Master Dranzer has a metal tip that's pretty sharp to allow extreme endurances, but the balance isn't there. Any blade bases that I don't know about that could improve endurance yet maintain stability?
I think this article would be of interest to you. Smile
Ya. Upon reading that article I categorized my beyblade as compact. I originally had the Draciel ball defense base on but the Tripio/Master Draciel base works better as it's equally as heavy and with more balance.

Pretty cool I guess, but keep in mind that this Beyblade is breaking the rules so we won't really discuss it from a strategic level.
TMRaven, do you live in Wisconsin?

I <3 you
lol I thought Artie made this topic
Nah haha I just named it that cause of that weird Yellow and Green combination. I just moved to San Antonio to attend U.T. Although I love football and I gotta love the packers, even though they aren't my favorite team. Bret Favre is has to be my fav. QB.

Ok let's go ahead and say this beyblade is DrigerS AR, 8 Heavy WD, Right spin gear and Trypio Blade Base.

Although the only decent legal customization I can do to it at this point (only 3 or so beyblades I took with me) is with Driger F attack ring.

I took it through endurance runs and the smoothness of the filed Draciel Attack ring played a major roll in endurance (less air resistance) The 8 spiked Draciel fortress AR brought its spin time down to 1:20. With Driger F AR it's 1:58.

I have money so maybe I could get some suggestions on new blades?
If you can, get a beyblade with a 10 heavy WD Joyful_3
Also, I think the BB could be better, honestly. It might be good for endurance, but when in battle with another bey, it gets knocked around easily due to the height of the BB. If you really want to use that BB, you could file down the tip, although it'd be illegal. But, since you're using the draciel AR I don't see why you shouldn't.
G Wrote:lol I thought Artie made this topic


i probably would have, eventually