Gfx Battle NaLu VS DeltaFate

Theme : Free Style

Size: Any

GFX peice: Any

Date Of Submission: No time Limit to send the entry Send When Finished

First To Five

[Image: 2ajvolu.png]

[Image: wHAC5.jpg]

Viral Retired
I accept! I will try my best!
I vote entry B THe flow seems alot better in it to me
hockey dude
Did I cause this? I like b, but when it comes to artist nalu's wins.
Byerg Retired
Entry 2 doesn't match any of NaLu's current I'm a bit suspicious, scratch that, very suspicious, but it does have good flow.
But I'll be voting for Entry 1, as I LOVE the colors of it and it seems to flow very well too.

We are talking about these, not artists hockeydude, so keep those comments out of this.
Nalu And I agreed First to Five Wins I don't really care if he wins we go way back to when i was Dragon_Pegasus
But score count
Edit :

Entry 2 followed a tutorial, I believe. Not really effecting my vote, just pointing out what I believe, haha.
I vote Entry 1. It's much more unique than entry 2 in my opinion.
Thx Coasters You Remember me before the improvement i was a piece of work but NaLu is actually much better than me when i was at his state of gfxing That's why i accepted this battle and I Hope everyone votes fairly and not because they favor the creator
i say b is good but A got more to it : )
Nova-X Retired
i say b
Viral Retired
Score check:
Entry A: 3
Entry B: 3
A: pretty good but what are those weird shapes?
B: its ok but i love the blending the flow is good to Grin
i choose B but i would have chose A but it had those distracting shapes
I vote for B. the effects match, but its a bit mono.

for A? too much effects
I vote A. it has more hd pictures.
woops didnt see entry a won

sorry i meant b