Getting 2 beyblades to customize.

I haven't played bey blade since dragoon gt (engine series) but I'm ready to come back. So I've deciding to get 2 new HWS beyblades to build a good custom one. I'm going to get it off ebay, and i prefer takara over hasbro, I'm thinking of a high smash attack type that is good against defense and other attack type cause I like the behavior of the attack type, problem is that they don't last long. So Im guessing I'l need a beyblade with a flat rubber tip, a low spin track, a smash type type fusion wheel with a little defense, a aerodynamic clear wheel and (optionally) a metal face bolt. Thanks for any help in advance. Please tell me what you think, which two HWS beyblades I should get, which parts i should use, and why should I choose those things.

Thanks in advance,
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PS: If you can find any good deals on the particualr beyblades I should be getting please post, and I wouldnt mind a stadium, and/or a beylauncher (string) with a grip.
Use the Purchase Consultation and the Build Me A Combo! thread. There's no reason to make your own.

Also, read the The State of the Customization Forum topic because you should only put combos in here that you've tested and think is good.
Oh sorry, i better report myself to get an admin to delete this thread,