[Georgia] Organized play alerts and requests

Hello! There's many users here that live in Georgia, and for the longest time, we would have to rely on others from surrounding states to come here and host for us, or we'd even have to go out of state to participate in tournaments. But that ends now. Currently(as of posting this) I am the only organizer of the state, and I have two events in mind. This mainly serves purpose for new users who join just for tournaments and those who do not use discord.

My first tournament I'll be hosting will be either on the 11th or 18th of March. It will be standard format using the experimental rebound rule set(note that it will be unranked and your beyrank will not be affected). Also, because it will be my first organized tournament, there will be a 21 participant limit, so when its posted ACT FAST, also remember people may not show up, and there will be freeplay.
Hey so I have a question we’ll the tournament be on the march 11th or 25th due to the original plan schedule date
the tournament will be on the 25th