Genbull Dragooon LW105GF

>How can you mislaunch with GF?

It's a mile wide and goes at speed of over 9000 MPH. How can you not without practice? (Even then its extremely difficult).

W2D has always been my go to over EWD. I get so much better results with it so I doubt the ties were because of it.
Yes, but as I mentioned I only got two SKO's. And who said I didn't have practice? I've owned 4 GF's...
The amount of GFs you own doesn't mean that you have had practice with them.
Well let me rephrase it: I've owned 4 GF's, 2 of which are illegal for tournmanet play.
Echizen, I watched your video, and you indeed launched it wrong. Maybe read the OP next time to understand how to launch it? Then you can duplicate Time's results with ease.
Extreme weak launch: GF cannot roam. It needs to settle spinning in the middle of the stadium.
Why it works: This allows the bey to make almost constant contact with its opponent.

Weak Stall: The bey needs to circle the ridge, but drop away from it very quickly.

Half Stall: Depending on how level you can hold your launcher you may be able to bring this up to a 3/4 stall. This launch is necessary to OS RDF based customs.

Weak Sliding Shoot: As it says, use against attack types.

1. Obviously GF is too aggresive to not go to the tornado ridge.
2. That's what happened in the video.
3. Not going against a RDF custom.
4. Not going against an attack type.

So. How did I mislaunch? Maybe know what you're talking about before critisizing people?
You didn't do the Extreme Weak Launch. Even GF can stay in the middle. But you need to do the Extreme Weak Launch.

Trust me, when I first tried out this combo I thought that even my extreme weak launch wasn't working. Then I launched it at like 10% power and it worked.
I re-tried it so that it didn't even make contact woth the tornado ridge and it just did worse... Unhappy
It shouldn't be roaming around more than an inch from where the original launch was. Basically, not roaming at all.
It wasn't roaming at all. It made immediate contact with Duo.
OK, would you mind taking a video then? Because your claims do not match the results put out by the majority of the testers here.

Here are some tests I did:

MSF-H Genbull Dragooon DF105GF vs Duo Cancer SA165EW:
GD: 15 wins, all OS
Duo: 5 wins, all OS

GD Win Rate: 75%
Sorry to revive this thread out of absolutely nowhere, though I would just like to say I'm very, very sorry for not getting those Girago Girago BD145RF tests up and done. There's not much of an excuse I can actually make, though I can agree on me saying I have horrible ethics when it comes to getting back to things. In fact, I also feel kind of ashamed posting these at a completely different date..

Anyways, to show my apologies, I worked on a whole lot of testings utilizing benchmarks with Killerken Dragoon BD145GF, in comparison to the results I get, and then there were some where I just did separate individual tests alone. Now, lets begin..!:

  • The opposing Beyblades will be launched before both Killerken Dragoon BD145GF and Genbull Dragoon LW105GF.
  • For each and every battle, I regularly launched quite lightly, with a slightly harder one on an odd.

Why didn't ~Midnight~ do tests both utilizing Left Spin defense/stamina variations and attack setups..?:

Left Spin defense/stamina reason: I honestly didn't really bother doing tests, considering if both Beyblades are spin, it'd really depend on which one would have a greater amount of stamina left. For example, take Genbull Dragoon LW105GF against MSF-H Girago Dragoon SA165EWD for instance; to begin with, EWD already has far more stamina than GF. Anyways, here are some unofficial tests I did to prove my point:

Genbull Dragoon LW105GF vs MSF-L Killerken Dragoon SA165EWD:

Genbull Dragoon: (0 OS'S, 0 KO'S)
Killerken Dragoon: (5 OS'S, 0 KO'S)
Genbull Dragoon win percentage: 0%

Genbull Dragoon LW105GF vs MSF-H Reviser Dragoon B:D:

Genbull Dragoon: (0 OS'S, 1 KO)
Reviser Dragoon: (4 OS'S, 0 KO'S)
Genbull Dragon win percentage: 20%

... and down goes the list.

Attack reason: I thought it was only right that it only faced stamina/defense/balance variations like Duo_B:D and such, as GF isn't really meant for attack vs attack in the BB-10. I'll still fit in a couple of attack results in the ''Individual Tests'' section, though.

Anyways, the moment you've all be waiting for, ... the tests!:

Genbull Dragoon LW105GF Tests: (Click to View)
Killerken Dragoon BD145GF Tests: (Click to View)

I also decided to calculate both the win percentages of all the two Beyblades' battles, as well as how many OS'S and KO'S they were both each able to get:

Genbull Dragoon LW105GF total win percentage and amount of OS'S and KO'S:' (Click to View)

Killerken Dragoon BD145GF total win percentage and amount of OS'S and KO'S:' (Click to View)

Overall: It concluded to me that neither of these results among the 60 battles each were all that great. I felt like there can be a different choice of tracks that would do considerably better than the two on GF, which I'll most certainly look into later on!

Individual Tests: (Click to View)
Did you happen to read the specific launch techniques in the OP?
(Aug. 01, 2014  8:19 PM)*Ginga* Wrote: Did you happen to read the specific launch techniques in the OP?

Yes, I did.

I mainly used a weak stall more than others.