Fury Fireblaze 135SB - Surprise powerhouse?

I have this tool that names a random combo from the MFB parts I have. Mostly out of boredom today, a friend and I gathered 32 combos and held two elimination tournaments to find the victor. The first was in my BB-10, the other was in the Darkhelm FX Hasbro staduim. Both times, the absolutely undefeated winner was Fury Fireblaze 135SB. And this was against beyblades of every type, including 'Hyperblades' and reverse rotation beys. Heck, it can rival Phantom Orion B:D in a stamina match.

Can anyone explain how this seemingly average combo was so powerful? We made sure to both use this bey in matches, to ensure that one of was wasn't just launching better than the other as well. :P
To prove the combo is good, you have to do 20 rounds (minimum) in the BB-10 against top tier combos, and in this case, limited format would be its best shot. Doing it against random bey blades does not count.

I look forward to your Testings! Smile
This is... interesting, adding on to what Hato said, since this is allowed in the Limited Format, I would recommend testing against those top tier combos.
Wow. A Fury wheel combo doing that well? I want to see tests. If this is true, I'll be blown away by the fact that a near-bottom tier wheel did so well in this combo.

(Btw, this is my first post in 2 years, so I'm a little bit outdated in my understanding for parts such as "SB". ^-^; )