Funny things you would say if you lost in MFB world

If you got sucked into MFB,and got all serious about beyblade,what would you say to your opponet before your battle and if you lose.

EX:First: Your storm pegasis is going down to the ground!

After you lost: Noooooo! I cant belive that power!

After: .......PWNAGE RECOIL!!!!
Random blader: (Gets owned by a pro)I thought i was destined to be the number one blader in the world "sniffles" but, but I won't give up. No, I will work hard (while avoidng school) and become the best blader ever! (and the best beybladeing unemployed blader) watch out I will beat you next time (name of blader)!!!!

EXAMPLE: Kyouya working at Mc Donalds because he failed, and had to work to get money.
Kyouya: Would you like some fries with that? yells SPECIAL MOVE! French fry whirl wind "whoosh" Swings hand randomly and is stared at awkwardly at by customer in car. customer: Umm...No thanks. (steps on the gas and drives away quickly). <off topic
This is opposite's,
First: I'm going to lose.
After: I broke your track!? I BROKE YOUR TRACK! WHOO!!
This is a bad topic.