Four-Gaming Podcast Questionnaire!

Hello everyone, CrisisCrusher07 here! As some of you may know myself and StayCool the owner of the Four-Gaming website, where some of us like to buy our Takara Tomy Beyblades from, do a podcast on the Four-Gaming YouTube channel. Now due to my new job Anna massive scheduling change we haven’t been able to do a podcast together in quite some time. But hopefully we can get back on track now that schedules have kind of fleshed themselves out.

Anyway onto the topic of this thread! We want to answer your questions! We are asking that you ask us any and all questions you would like us to answer in an upcoming podcast. You can ask us anything about Beyblade. It doesn’t matter if it’s about the anime, Burst, DB, Hasbro, ANYTHING! Whatever Beyblade question comes to your mind and you want it answered, just ask it!

Now like I said, we are answering beyblade questions. So please nothing inappropriate or non beyblade related.

Anyway! We hope you have a nice day and can’t wait to read your questions and give them some answeres.
Here's a question: Do you guys think Hasbro did a great job producing stadiums and gimmicks at the cost of staying true to their TT counterparts?
Favorite bey of each system? 4 Layer, 5 layer, magnacore, EG, HMS, PHW, Hybrid Wheel, 4D, ZG, Single Layer, Dual Layer, God Layer, etc.?
RalfBalf ICrazyEater

Thank you both for the great questions. We answered everything on the latest episode. Hope you enjoy 😎