[Fort Worth, Texas, USA] The Burn of Beyblades in Texas

Any Info On When And Where Yet ( since you had to reschedual)
(Jan. 19, 2011  2:28 AM)ShadowL-Drago Wrote: Any Info On When And Where Yet ( since you had to reschedual)
If I have to reschedule it will be on a Saturday and sometime from March-May, if it becomes official then the SummerGlen Library
Alright i see. thanks do you plan on participating???
(Oct. 30, 2010  8:58 PM)XaznsFtwX Wrote: C'mon Texas Bladers join in by saying you're in or something! I've reserved a room for us so we can have a tournament!

UPDATE: Please note that there will be no prizes, sorry WBO won't provide them atm. PLEASE BRING A LEGAL STADIUM IF YOU HAVE ONE, PM me if you have one so I can see how many stadiums we have, We cannot use Hasbro stadiums. Please, if you are somewhat rich, buy a stadium here http://plamoya.com/en/beyblades-c-1015.html I would greatly appreciate it!

NEW UPDATE: If you don't live in Texas but want to donate you may send me cash, it's not illegal, I looked it up. But you should put something like black paper in it, some post men can feel the money and steal it so I'd appreciate the donations! I've signed some papers to reserve a room, you don't pay at the library though, you come to my house and tell me your name and give me the 5$ or donations! Donations are for stadiums and future prizes. Please donate your 5$ admission and more so I can buy more stadiums, I have almost enough for another one so please donate ASAP! Wish me luck with the proposal!

Address to donate and pay entry: (please either come between 4-9PM on Weekdays. On Weekends 12Am-9Pm)
If you can't show and ring the doorbell around those times then please put it in a envelope with your WBO username and slide it under the glass door. Don't donate during from December 25- January 1, I will not be there but ring the doorbell anytime, people should be there and if they don't answer then slide it under the glass door 2 minutes after ringing.

David Nguyen
3221 Chesington Drive
Fort Worth, Texas 76137

Here are some legal stadiums please try to buy one!



List of People who will come The ones who have paid will have a ✔
People who will:
People who might come/ Not sure because they might not be active:
Burn Leone

* One of my cousins might attend.
Add me on msn: badbroitachi@live.com
THIS IS IMPORTANT: The format shall be open which means any generation of Beyblades are allowed, also stadiums that are not banned from WBO please look for the universal Rulebook, thanks.
STADIUMS we have so FAR:

Sonokong Attack Stadium

Takara Tomy Attack Stadium

If you bring a legal stadium I will ask you to judge, PM me if you don't want to judge at your stadium! As usual admission is 5$ and you must pay at my house because the library will not allow it! When you are coming to my house please put the 5$ in a envelope or bag with your username written somewhere. Donations will be appreciated and will be noted so you might not have to pay next time depending on how much you donate. REMEMBER deadline is on January 28th, 2011 and please read at the address, it tells you when you may come or how you are going to pay for the entry fee.

4th Update:
As usual please come and pay for entry as soon as possible, wish me luck in making this official, I made it a open Format so please look at the universal rulebook. Recruit all your friends and family for this event!

5TH UPDATE: Since not many people want an open format, it will be changed to standard!
Is the Pegasus Thunder Whip elligable for the tournament?
Really did not need to qoute all that -.- but no only takara and sonokong are allowed due to wbo rules
Ahhh I wish it was in H-town(Houston!) though!! to bad I can't come...:\
Now that I think of it, in my opinion, I think it's kind of bs for people to pay 5$ to go to tournaments on this site. I mean if I gotta rent a place just to get my money back, that's okay because it's somewhat nonprofit. BUT this site here charges 5$ per person if you don't rent a place and give it to this site, they don't even give prizes cause they're all up in Canada, so, I'm done.. I'll battle anyone for fun though. I'll be one once a week..
Hm, we can reimburse the prizes afterwards ... And apparently you have never managed such a big website on a paid server, with all the attached fees to it. Not to mention the special giveaways we have sometimes, which are open to absolutely everybody on the planet ...
Hey, i can donate 10$ if you want, and i'm sorry but i do not have any T.T. stadiums Unhappy
is this beyblade tournament still going on?