Formal introduction

Hello everyone, you may not know me well, but I feel it's the right time to give a proper introduction about myself to everyone on the WBO.  I am RedDragon227, but I preferred to be called Mr.Memes since it's my Discord username and I tend to hang out on Discord too much.  I am a socially awkward guy whose brain cells turn off whenever I am on Discord, but otherwise, I am mostly going to be the quiet guy in the room that will always do his own thing.  I got back into Beyblade back in 2021 after a close COVID-19 scare as I have been binging on Beytuber content which reignited my passion for the hobby.  Despite making my WBO account in 2011, I didn't really know about the WBO until August 2021 and I feel this community is pretty chill for the most part.

My main interests include web design, fighting games, Beyblade (I don't care much about the anime though), and Netflix.  My favorite Burst season is God for the anime and GT for the system.  My favorite competitive Beyblade format is tied between MFB Limited and Burst Classic since I feel both of them are relatively balanced in terms of what combos/parts control the meta.  My main focus as a WBO organizer will be to hopefully make competitive Beyblade a more accessible and friendly experience for bladers that may have an interest in joining the WBO.  The main way I get new Beyblades in my collection is mostly through Mercari, eBay, BeysAndBricks, Amazon, and the occasional hookup from my friends in the community.  My all-time favorite Beyblade would be Nightmare Longinus since it was my first Burst Bey and one of the few Burst beys whose competitive viability has stayed pretty consistent for most of Burst's lifespan.