Forge Disk - Yell

(Nov. 29, 2017  3:21 PM)Rebel Blader Wrote:
(Nov. 29, 2017  2:45 PM)MonoDragon Wrote: It can increase solo spin time, OWD and Fly Wheel Effect increases how resistant the Beyblade is against slowing down from impact

I was basing the combinations mostly off of pre-God Layer combos.

And Yell is almost as heavy as Heavy or Gravity so I think it can stay
1)really? I actually saw on yt that compact heavy had less solo spin than wide spread u should check this urself.
2) heavy is used only in stamina combos and no other use since its too light for anything else same is the case of the current meta yell is only used for spin equalizing combos due to its lad.its stamina is less than heavy so it isnt ysed in stamina combos.i think u should add the combos which are used in the meta rn instead of old combos since things like valtryek are kinda unsable now cuz weightcreep.
Inshort only add combos of current meta
Well it can't be used in current meta, Core Disks outclass it in everyway
(Nov. 29, 2017  3:24 PM)MonoDragon Wrote: Well it can't be used in current meta, Core Disks outclass it in everyway
It does have more lad than it should have use in spin equalizers i mean polish still has use due to its lad so yell should have too.also it would be nice if u could test if centralised weight distribution increases spin time cuz so far what i have seen disks with owd have the most solo spin time
(Nov. 29, 2017  3:51 AM)MonoDragon Wrote: Yell is a Forge Disk released as part of the Burst System. It debuted with the release of the B-71 Booster Acid Anubis Yell Orbit on February 18th, 2017.

Yell features a ring with a wide diameter, greater than Spread and equal to Polish, and a thick metal star in the center to create a centralized weight, akin to Central. The centralized weight is meant to increase spin velocity which has numerous effects on Performance:

If used on Attack combinations, the higher spin velocity will increase the force of impact
If used on Defense combinations, the centralized weight will increase Knock-Out resistance

Combined with the wide, circular perimeter and the raised position of the ring, Yell will also grant high Life-After-Death and increase procession time. However, the centralized weight creates numerous drawbacks as well:

The centralized weight will reduce movement speed in Attack combinations making it ill suited for Mobile combinations and the lack of Outward Weight Distribution gives Defense and Stamina combinations poor spin retention.

Due to this Disc's central weight distribution and wide diameter, Yell would be a versatile part. However its drawbacks counter its benefits preventing it from becoming a must have part. Furthermore, with the release of Core Disks and Frames, Yell has become outclassed, as such this part is recommended for collection purposes only.

==Product List==
==Takara Tomy==
  • B-71 Acid Anubis Yell Orbit

Weight: 21.2 grams
(May. 27, 2017  3:40 PM)Rebel Blader Wrote:
(May. 23, 2017  6:44 AM)MonoDragon Wrote: *Not yet confirmed
Yell really does seem very useful according to these tests:

Also Holy Draft Spam! I really want to get the Single and Dual Layer parts out of the way so we can focus on the God Series, so that's why I'm pumping these out as fast as i can. Unfortunately I feel like I reduced the quality doing so, if that's true, please tell me how I can make these better.

would Dark Deathscyther Yell Unite be good in a Dual layer only format?