Forge Disk - Jerk

Quote:Jerk is a Forge Disk released for the Burst System. It debuted with the release of the B-61 Random Booster Vol. 4 Quad Quetzalcoatl .J.P on October 22nd, 2016.

Jerk, like Magnum and Polish, is a Disk made up of a metal core and a plastic perimeter with the letter, in this case "J", embossed onto the plastic on either side with the plastic making up the gimmick of the Disk.

For Jerk's gimmick, the plastic forms two shields on either side of the Disk that, in theory, bend inwards and bounce the opponent back upon impact. In practice however, since all Performance Tips are of the same height, so are most Beyblade combos, thus any contact between the Layer and the Disk is rare unless the Beyblade using Jerk is off balance. Even when such contact occurs, the size and shape of the shields are ill-suited for their purpose as the opponent's Layer is more likely to be caught in the thin sections of plastic connecting the metal to the shields, producing heavy recoil and slowing the Beyblade using Jerk down immensely. In addition, the shields make Jerk very thick as well, severely increasing the risk of floor scrapes and subsequent heavy stamina loss. Furthermore, Jerk is very lightweight due to being mostly plastic, making its Knock-Out resistance sub-par compared to more popular choices such as Heavy or Gravity. Finally, even in ideal cases where the opponent's layer strikes the plastic shields directly, the Beyblade using Jerk is more likely to move than the shields, meaning that the rebound gimmick fails to even work.

The design of the Burst System makes the contact between Jerk and the opponent's Layer rare, the design of the plastic makes it a dangerous stamina killer to itself, the thick shape of the Disk makes scraping common, the weight is too light for the intended use in defense combinations and the force needed to make the rebound gimmick happen is simply too high to happen in battle. Thus Jerk is competitively worthless and suitable only for collection purposes.

==Product List==
==Takara Tomy==
  • B-61 Quad Quetzalcoatl Jerk Press (Random Booster Vol. 4) (blue plastic)
  • B-61 Dark Deathscyther Jerk Orbit (Random Booster Vol. 4) (pale green plastic)
  • B-61 Wild Wyvern Jerk Gyro (Random Booster Vol. 4) (black plastic)
  • B-67 Nova Neptune Jerk Impact (Random Booster Vol. 5) (red plastic)

Weight: 19.4g
tldr: This Disk sucks.

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