Forge Disk - Infinity

Quote:Infinity is a Forge Disk released as part of the Burst System. It debuted with the release of the B-59 Starter Zillion Zeus Infinity Weight on September 17th, 2016.

Infinity features a round, thick, sharp edged and warped design meant to recreate the look of a Mobius Strip. Like Ring, almost all of Infinity's weight is focused on the perimeter creating a high Outward Weight Distribution and Flywheel effect for stamina combinations and the round design allows for some Life After Death. However, like Ring, the high OWD increases the risk of Bursts as the Disk and Performance Tip will resist changes in spin speed while the Layer is more likely to stop, leading to teeth skipping and Bursts. Furthermore, unlike Ring, Infinity's warped design makes the Disk unbalanced, further increasing the Burst risk as the heavier side creates a higher force of impact.

==Use in Stamina Combinations==
Due to Infinity's poor Burst resistance, it performs best in Tornado Staller combinations such as Wyvron Infinity Accel/Zephyr. The high OWD of Infinity and the low friction of Accel/Zephyr allows with combinations outspin stationary opponents without coming into contact with them.

*==Use in Attack Combinations==
The high OWD and unbalanced nature of Infinity can be used to increase attack potential in combinations such as Valtryek/Xcalius Infinity Xtreme/Accel/Zephyr. Valtryek/Xcalius have enough Burst resistance to compensate for Infinity's Burst risk and Infinity can increase the force of impact by bringing the combination's weight closer to the contact points, an effect that is amplified on the heavier side of Infinity.

Due to Infinity's high OWD, a combination using it is able to better maintain its stamina after impact but is also more susceptible to Bursts as a result. For stamina, better alternatives exist such as Spread or Knuckle and for attack, Heavy and Gravity give comparable results while being more versatile. As such, Infinity is suitable for collection purposes only.

==Product List==
==Takara Tomy==
  • B-59 Zillion Zeus Infinity Weight
  • Zillion Zeus Infinity Weight (Saint Thunder Ver.) (red painted)
  • Zillion Zeus Infinity Weight (Black Ver.)
  • B-65 Wild Wyvern Infinity Yielding (Beyblade Super Custom Set Speed Ver.) (red painted)
  • B-69 Jail Jorgumand Infinity Cycle
  • Jail Jorgumand Infinity Cycle (CoroCoro exclusive lottery) (red painted)
*Not yet confirmed

I'm basing this off of the Ring article on the wiki and the use of the unbalanced Horogium Clear Wheel in attack combinations in Metal Fight.
I never found Infinity to be unbalanced. It has a funky shape, but I'm pretty sure it's weight is evenly distributed among the two widest points of the disk, which are on opposite ends of the Disk.