Flash Pegasus LW105 D

Yeah, it sounds pretty weak.

Well, It really is good for smashing. The spin track gives it attack power and the metal wheel gives it smash power. The tip is for defense, obviously. If you are going to use it in tournaments, make sure you don't use it on a defense types. You might score some points but just a little. I would use it on a Stamina.

You can make it if you want but it's not the best I can tell you.
This doesn't deserve a thread. That combo is outclassed and you have no test results.
1.You don't have Valid Results.
2.Why using D on Flash
3. Flash is a pure Attack type go with RF/R2F
3 Keep in mind A Vs S= A win A Vs D = D Low chances on A and S Vs D = S
It was just a combo I was trying out.
You should post in the fun combos thread then.