Fighters Pack Vol.2 picks

here are mine
1. Jibanyan. now I know what you're thinking, but hear me out. level 5 has already announced the localization for yokai watch 4, and the currently JP only movies. having Jibanyan in smash would make a lot more hype, and the move set would probably be fun. 
mii fighters:Geo Stelar mii gunner,Ash Ketchum mii brawler,Octolings mii gunners
2. Dragon Quest builders. bit of an abstract pick, but their array of weapons and building abilities would make for a fun character, and force to be reckoned with.
mii fighters:Kris mii sword fighter,Geno mii gunner,Freddy mii brawler
3. Mega Man ZX. being a Mega Man fan, I feel we need more mega man reps, and ZX happens to be just the right choice. ZX has a ton of different abilities, and the Mega Man Zero/ZX collection happens to be coming out in February.
mii fighters:Vault Boy mii brawler, Ring Fit Trainer mii gunner, Default Skin mii sword fighter
4. Dr. Robotnik. making killer robots is one thing, but harnessing the chaos emeralds is on a whole other level, and this Doctor just happens to able to do all that and more. 
mii fighters: Lego Guy: mii brawler. Ratchet (ratchet and clank) mii sword fighter. Power Ranger mii sword fighter
5. Monokuma. if Joker can make it he can. the amount of punishments and executions he's done will make for an easy move set, and I have a feeling if he made it in Monokuma would be a top tier.
Chao masks. Lizalfos mii sword fighter. waluigi mask
6. Crash Bandicoot. I don't see how he wouldn't make it in. his crazy fun moves and personality would be awesome for the final character.
Bass mii gunner. Nate (yokai watch) mii gunner. skull kid mask.
You forgot one very important person...


Also shadow would be better than dr Robotnik, and shadow isn't an assist trophy. Neither is bandanna waddle dee. Tails is though so he can’t be one Unhappy Also we need Pepsi man. He is real and in a game. Sakurai make it happen

I can't really think of that many characters off the top of my head, but I do have a couple of ideas.
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