Feedback wanted for a Plastic Beyblade customisation

I have the AR: Upper Dragoon, WD: (6) Heavy, and the BB of Roller Attacker, but with the Tip worn down. It seems with me to take hits from most blades, and I haven't lost with it yet. If you could give me some Feedback it that this Blade is any good, then thanks!
So do i only draciel fortress and its worn down.
I have a Draciel Fortress as well, and my opinion stands.

It's a bad combo, but for sure not the worst.
With Draciel Fortress' BB, you're adding weight to what is already one of the heaviest ARs, making a pretty decent weight based defense type. At a beginner level, I can see why that would be a monster and, as for wear, that's not legal for tournament play but results in a lower bey that will therefore work to the ARs advantage.
I don't know why you're replying to this now, but Draciel F's Fortress Base is complete trash.