Feb 2017 Beyblade Burst Giveaway: B-71 Acid Anubis.Y.O - Passport Holders Only

Reminder: All posts made by Members who do not have a valid Blader Passport or who do not mention where they purchased one if it is not currently showing up in their postbit will be erased from this thread.
(Feb. 21, 2017  4:53 AM)Doomsizor02 Wrote: How do you get a passport?

Click on one of the "Passport Holders" links in the first post of this topic.
Let me win for once xD
omg if i win Acid Anubis.Y.O im going to beat manicben at a beyblade battle with it lol,
Acid Anubis Gravity Orbit will rule the world lol
I'm in
Anubis is pretty.... I want the pretty :o
Amazing defense type !!! please enter me!
Acid is good.
Today is your last chance to join the giveaway. If you're a passport holder and haven't already entered, make sure you're posting in this thread for your chance to win!
Acid Anubis, yo!
Hope i win its my bday today
Thanks everyone for entering! This giveaway is now closed. We'll post an update shortly with the winner of the giveaway. Stay tuned! Smile
The results are now in! The lucky winner of the B-71 Booster Acid Anubis .Y.O is ... @[KiddLamy]! Congratulations!

Please PM me with your full name, address, and phone number and we'll get your prize ordered and shipped to you as soon as possible! Additionally, please post which Bit Booster you would like here:
.. or try one of our newer Bit Boosters!:
Thank you to all of the Passport Holders who entered. Stay tuned for another giveaway soon!