Favorite bey

(Oct. 05, 2021  12:35 AM)DeltaZakuro Wrote:
(May. 03, 2021  10:54 PM)DeltaZakuro Wrote: 5. World Spriggan
4. Rage Longinus
3. Variant Lucifer
2. Dynamite Belial
1. Lucifer The End

Updated As Of Oct 2021

10. Cyclone Ragnaruk
9. Brave Valkyrie
8. Vanish Fafnir
7. World Spriggan
6. Roar Bahamut (Violet Ver.)
5. Dynamite Belial
4. Variant Lucifer
3. Savior Valkyrie (Red Ver.)
2. Astral Spriggan
1. Lucifer The End

Is lucifer the end your favourite? and if yes why? I really am curious.

Mines are
1. driger F - thats will forever be my all time favourite bey me and driger have too much memories.
2.Dread Bahamut- i just like the bey
3.Lucifer the end - i fell in love with this bey before i even got it. Looks, gimmicks you name it i needed it
4.Astral Spriggan- its just too much fun to play with i cant stop.
5.Archer hercules- this is like my practice bey i put against all other beys its just so amazing with its stamina
6.Lord spriggan- just an elite, unburstable bey. The youtube video's did me justice with this one.
7.L drago- another bey with memories but these i share with my little brother so i had to add this in
8. Hazard kerbeus- same reason as archer hercules

if anything lucifer and dread can switch. this is just based off my preference.
Rage Longinus Enough said lol 😂 nah but really!