Favorite Pokemon TCG Expansion


What's you favorite expansion?

The Legendary Treasures EX pull rates are pretty sweet. I really like how there bringing back the kanto region starters third evolutions as EXs in XY. Flash Fire looks pretty sweet too.
My favorite set was Heart Gold Soul Silver. I remember buying about 67 packs just to get those full art cards. I only got one half of Lugia in the end. My favorite Pokemon is Totodile, so I pretty much love all the sets he comes in. Though, I love the older sets with the old style. The sets get more and more better artwork as they get released.

I miss the old style cards I used to collect when I was around 5-6, haha.
My top favorites are Heart Gold Soul Silver (gotta love putting two cards together to make one full art) and the sets with the pokemon having different typing than usual (off the top of my head I remember Electric Totodile)

Competitive wise Legendary Treasures just because the pull rates and it has some of the better EX's and other various cards in that set.
I really liked legendary treasures and flashfire mostly because of some amazing pulls I've had. And the expansion where pokemon have different types than they should is Delta Species.