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Favorite Anime Battle!
Toto Sakigami

Strongest Deadman :D

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Hey Guys!
Today we're talking about your favorite anime battle!

My personal favorite is Mercury Anubis VS Ldrago Destroy!

Feel free to post here!

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Mar 24 2012 12:22 AM
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Transient thoughts

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(This post was last modified: Mar 24 2012 03:09 AM by SU_Tempest.)
Ray+Tyson+Max versus Kai on the Baikal Lake during Season 1 was all kinds of awesome.

A three-on-one, all versus Black Dranzer, and Tyson using Kai's old Dranzer against him... and it ends up with him brushing with drowning...before being rescued AND brought back to reason.

No other battle from the anime that I have watched, all seasons mixed, has got me that hooked up before.
Mar 24 2012 03:08 AM
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There were lines under his eyes so dark she wondered if they were actually done with makeup. Like he hadn't slept in days - no, like he had never slept in his life. Like his sense of justice would not allow him to sleep, since he had so many difficult cases to think about, battling unfathomable pressure on a daily basis.
Mar 24 2012 03:09 AM
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