Farewell, WBO!

Hey everyone.

This will be my final news post for the foreseeable future, so I'll try to keep it short.

For starters, while I'm going to be hanging around to help out the Committee, I don't think it's fair to consider myself a member of the WBO Committee anymore. So, effective now I am not a member of the WBO Committee.

Khel and Hiro Ayami are the new Directors of Organized Play. Kei will remain the director of Beywiki, and Kai-V will be the Community Director. Best of luck to all of you!

In addition to Hiro Ayami, Yugi Jyudai will be joining him as a member of Committee, in the position of Turkish Director.

The new Beypoints System is complete but needs testing. Expect to see it live on the site in the upcoming weeks.

This site has been around for almost three years now, and I've nursed it from almost nothing into the giant community we have here today. I am glad that I created something that was able to touch the lives of so many people. However, we all change, we all move on. Even if I am no longer around as much, I will never forget the WBO and its members.

Good luck, Bladers!

Good luck to you!Grin
ill see you around in montreal haha
God, after I read this post I felt very nostalgic.

Though I have just became a part of this forum and rarely know anyone here, I'll miss you. Good Luck Brad! You have made so many changes and have made such an impact on us!

I.. no... We will never forget you either!

The Legacy of Brad still lives on in our hearts; the proof? This community is the proof.

Since I did not write anything to your previous topics about you leaving, I think I can write a few words.
First of all, thank you for your efforts towards the bey-community. This website is the only reason that I regained my Bey-Hype. I met with many new people across the globe, it was really good for me to see different people who were still interested in this hobby.

Brad, my Bey-Teacher. He's always been like a helping brother for me. I know my endless questions bothered him sometimes, but he was mostly calm and sleepy, so I knew I was not a major threat to Brad. Tongue_out

I guess (lol'ing) was the most frequent thing that we did during our conversations, and talking about our finances. o.O

I suck at coming up with combos, but I was one of the special people who knew your Tournament-level combo. Tongue_out

I have so many things to write in this post, but I really don't feel like writing an essay right now.

Thank you for believing in me for making a better Turkish Bey-Community. I'll do my best in my senior year (yeah,this year will be deadly).

You're a really good friend; always nice,helpful; and you are a unique person in terms of taste and choices in clothing (Flower Sweaters,go!).
I feel lucky to meet you (I mean it would be earlier but I was busy with YGO when Kenan wanted me to get into Bey-Hype mode lol).
Again, I'd like to keep this short.

Thank you for everything, man.

- The Impulsive One.

p.s: (Impulsive alter-ego) Why am I getting so emotional naw I'll pass, see you on Summer '10, Brad!!!!
ahaha, that is awesome Grin thanks so much sarp
Dang, gonna miss you man even though I was only here since summer, this site and the community itself made me go back to blading and it's a enjoyable hobby. Learned a lot of things from you and everyone else. Thanks for the good times. Grin Have fun in Montreal!
Good luck to you brad, we'll all miss you, and we're all behind you! I wish u all the best for the future
I'm sure by now you know how grateful I am to you for re-introducing me to Beyblades back at AE09, and ultimately the WBO. I'm very honored you all deem me worthy and I hope I can exceed (gotta aim high right?) your expectations of me, I'll be trying my darnedest to live up to them at the very least. I think this transition is a milestone for the WBO, and while I haven't been here as long as some, I've grown rather fond of this community and it's members, I can only hope and try to help it continue to do so.

Haha, I too have spent rather late nights pestering Brad on AIM, pointing out random facts, urging him to assist me on various tests, accidentally discovering his "super secret" combo. I'm sure I've managed to annoy him more than a few times too, especially when I first started out here, luckily I still managed to stay in his good graces it seems Tongue_out

Wish you the best as well, I don't doubt you'll bring the same progress to MEGA and Battle Strikers, something I certainly look forward to playing around with as well.

I'll make sure to try and take advantage of opportunities to come out and visit you (major anime cons or something) when and if I can Smile

Take care bro :3
wanted to give this thread 5 stars but accidently gave 1 or 2 0_0
Aw D:

Well good luck Brad Grin.
D: Seeing your name in orange is so deppresing Brad. Unhappy Farewell, thanks for making me laugh and teaching me all about beys Grin I appreciate it. Noooo Crying
^Yeah it's pretty weird seeing it in Orange/gold colour, but I just gotta say thanks for making WBO Grin it's a great Beyblade community, and I'll probably just talk to you on MSN now lol Smile and congrats Yugi Jyudai and Hiro Ayami I hope you guys do well as a Comittee member Wink
I think I speak for all WBO members when I say we're gonna miss you! You offered us so much bey-knowledge! Unhappy

Good luck! Grin
I agree! We're all going to miss you. Good luck! Hope to see you remain as a member of the WBO even if you don't come on here regularly.
Bye Brad I know i'm like the number 1 spammer but i will miss you bye Unhappy
Ah man i'm sad to see u go and thanks for making the WBO which brings the world beyblade community together. I hope to see u on here sometime in the future!
Take care Brad, I wish you the best. Even though I haven't been a member here that long, you've been someone I can look to for help, like when you had my back when I posted my essay a few months back. Good luck at MEGA, it'll be interesting to see what becomes of Battle Strikers with your aid.

Even though I just joined a few weeks ago, I already got the hype of beyblade back, thanks to your site, I feel like buying every blade out there and blading every battle I can. Its sad to see your leaving just as I joined. All the best to you.
This is really sad, it's a sad thing when someone important leaves but it is great when they leave for a very good reason.

I'll say this though, I know I wasn't that great of a person when I first started here and it still took me a while to become better but I come onto the WBO every day now, like it is a part of life, I learned to become better here, made many friends and had fun at that one tournament I have been to and none of that could have happened without you, so I say thank you, goodbye and good luck from the deepth of my heart.

Also, I will do what I can to help the commitee anyway I can, that is a promise. Joyful_3

So long and stay strong. Smile
Three cheers for brad!

and a toast *holds up beer!"

to brad tiller, the biggest link in the chain of the beyblade hobby!
It's sad to see you took off the position, but nevertheless you have done a great deal to Bey community even to someone at different side of the world like me Wink
You have become a legend in world of spinning tops, You shall not be forgotten. Tongue_out

Do come and visit sometime, okay? And good luck!

Also, Congrats for the committee members for the new position!
Chocked_2 Im so used to seeing Beybrads name in Navy Blue and then Italic'd... what Raykon said, Its werid seeing it in yellow/gold... anyway goodluck Brad. Joyful_2
I thought coming into this thread that it'd be one of Brad's "I got you thinking something it's not" kind of post. As I expected the Farewell to be in regards to British Columbia, and you moving to Montreal. Now, I'm kind of sad.
I just realised, without brad, beyblade would've never been this big in other countries on its own at this time. So we'd all never known eachother, we'd probably gotten beyblades in 2010 and would all probably be noobs.