[Fan Fiction]  beyblade burst rising lengend /in progress/

I'm making a fan fiction and i hope you all like it 
 the bey will be.....
striker balhor /protagonist bey/
legend valkyrie
legendary spriggan
rising Fafnir
beast Longinus
Titan lucifer /antagonist bey/
 wall draguko
the history is of ban and his bey balhor and his rival dimuon they want to be the best bladers in the world,but for that, they have to defeat all the legendary bladers ,valt,shu, free and Lui, but there is someone who will try to beat every single blader, his name is lastu Himawari, a blader from japan who will beat every single blader in the world, can ban and dimuon be able to defeat lastu Himawari /naruto reference/ the first episode will be.....
a new beginning-rising ,bladers in July 1th and go shoot
Similar to Sparking in terms of plot but interested to see where this series will go