[Fan Fiction]  Fan fiction thingie (Character Contest) (Chapter updates)

Name: Henry Uber

Birthday: September 19th 

Height: 5 '8"

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Purple 

Personality: Henry is a kind and sensitive child who lost his parents due to war causing him to be more of a pacifist. Though if someone hurts his friends then he could go on a rampage destroying any bey in his way. Henry places the needs of his friends before his own making him very selfless though it leaves him pretty dependent and clingy. 

Beyblade Chip: Hydra (A black right spin chip with the avatar being a purple three headed dragon with red eyes.) 

Beyblade Ring: Devour (A perfectly round black ring with two purple dragons in a ouroboros shape with red eyes.) 

Chassis: 3B (A purple right spin chassis that extends upwards with three points that cover the top middle and bottom left and right corners of Devour but still leaving the bottom middle and top right and left corners open. These points can either be used for smash attacks or for defense.) 

Driver: Zeta' (Black.)

Beyblade Type: Right spin Balance

Special Moves:
Devour Defense: (When Hydra is in defense mode Hydra will spin in the center of the stadium and defend all attacks using the 3B chassis.)
Devour Smash: (When Hydra is in balance mode Hydra will use the attack points on 3B to slam into the other opponents bey causing a devastating attack.)
Devour Counter: (When Hydra is in stamina mode Hydra can change its trajectory and slam into the opponents bey with high speed similar to counter break.) 

Description of Character's Outfit: Henry's casual outfit consists of a red hoodie and red pants with black sandals. Though his blading outfit consists of a blue hoodie with black pants and blue sneakers.
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Sure lol
nice, we have a duo to go against. pog
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nice, we have a duo to go against. pog

Seems like you have a lot of character contest entries to go through lol
its been a while since i did one of these i hope ur still taking submissions lol:

Name: Abram Wilde

Birthday: Aug 9th

Height: 5'10

Hair Color: Black, but Blue dyed streaks at the end

Eye Color: Blue

Personality: A terrible person as well as a sociopath. Doesn't particularly hate anyone or anything, but enjoys screwing with/using people for his amusement. He even says he has no excuse for the way he acts, but does it regardless. Lives alone. Is a terrible student, but reads people so well he's been on TV for being a psychic, and is very rich. Is also very calculating, but hides his true nature (shown in his bey as well). Almost like Suoh but just straight terrible, and not really any crazy alter ego

Beyblade Chip: Wendigo (right spin)

has 2 metal horns protruding from each side, along with a metal chip. attached to each horn is a moose skull, chip itself is blue.

Beyblade Ring: Limit Break Ring: Blizzard
Pre limit break: Very similar to Volcano, but the top and bottom layer have 10 blades each. Is blue, and very defensive, and can take attacks well. Is very heavy due to limit break.
Limit Break: Blizzard: for 10 seconds, the bottom layer of the bey spins right incredibly fast due to a motor inside, allowing for insane power and speed.
Post limit break: The bottom layer becomes free spin, allowing for strong defense.

Chassis: Refer to ring

Forge Disk (if not a double chassis): Ou

Driver: Xtension
Xtend+ but the stamina mode protrusion is wider (and as a result, so is the attack mode base), and has 3 modes, as spin speed decreases, the modes change (like reboot).
Mode 1: Balance: Xtend+'s defense mode
Mode 2: Attack: Xtend+'s Attack mode.
Mode 3: Stamina: Xtend+'s Stamina mode.

Beyblade Type: Balance

Beyblade Abilities:
Xtension boost: In balance mode, Wendigo moves very fast around the stadium on its tab, but switches back to the protrusion before losing control. useful for attack evasion and counters.
Xtension Barrage: In attack mode, wendigo moves in a very tight flower pattern. accentuated by limit break.
Xtension Spin: In stamina mode, Wendigo spins slightly around the center but not in it. This allows it to avoid and deflect flower pattern attacks without losing too much spin. Accentuated by post limit break
Limit Break: Blizzard
Wendigo Rage: Wendigo slams into the wall in balance mode, dealing heavy damage to it which changes both the driver to attack mode and the ring to limit break, increasing its attack power and sending it flying into it's opponent.
Blizzard Hail: Wendigo activates limit break and falls onto its side, almost like dread vertical, however, the limit break makes it move much faster than normal.

Normal: A black blazer and a blue tie with light blue ripped jeans and white air jordan 1s.
Battle: A bright blue trench coat and a black t-shirt with 2 white horns, baggy pants, with a belt with a golden buckle, and a backwards black baseball cap with a bright blue rim. still keeps the jordans tho Wink
Alr here I go

Name:Gojo Yoichi

Birthday:Jan 2nd


Hair color:Brown


Personality:Lovable energetic guy who doesn’t let anything drag him down he can be loud when annoyed when someone breaks a bey he won’t show mercy he’s basically just a nice guy

BeybladeConfusedilver Gryphon

Chip:Gryphon:The face of an eagle with a lions mane

RingConfusedilver:it has three smooth blades but the tips are sharp
Limit break:Blades retract making it more agile and like a bullet
After Limit breakConfusedtops going as fast and saves stamina


Driver:Boost:helps with the agility but it shoots out a spike while low on stamina to stop going as fast

Bey Type:Attack

Abilities:Bullet:Bullet is when it enters its strongest state and starts blitzing around the stadium building enough speed to burst a bey with impact
Many more you can make later on

Outfit:wears a black and gold shirt with a dark blue jacket that has the number 11 on the top right of the jacket he has long black pants and a necklace with symbolizing a grey outlined star that his mother used to wear before a car accident.

Hope it’s good
Since people are entering this contest I guess I will too.

Name: Sebastian Ubben

Birthday: July 23

Height: 5 '9"

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black but when his purple aura appears his right eye will glow red while his left eye will glow purple.

Personality: Sebastian is a pretty cold person as he likes to work on his own to complete his goal of being the strongest blader. Which causes him to do things like push people away that are close to him. This all started due to the death of his parents in a horrible accident which caused him to fear making attachments with people as if he loses them he would experience that same feeling that came with his parent's deaths. Due to his parents deaths he lived in a apartment all by himself which caused him to have to learn and adapt quickly which helped increase his intelligence which he uses in his battles to out strategize his opponent. Later he would find out about beyblade and find he had a passion and talent for blading and decided to focus on becoming the strongest blader to honor the lives of his parents. Though due to his talent he gained a ego where he would only actually take bladers he find strong seriously which causes him to make mistakes in those battles which he would never normally do against someone he considered strong. He also has a tendency of being rude and angry if someone on his team is weak as he feels that person is holding him back from getting to the top which eventually leads to him leaving the team or kicking the member off the team which isolates him even more from people.

Appearance: Sebastian has black hair that is kinda short with the longest part of the hair being the hair that covers the sides of his face besides his ears which still stick out which the max it goes to being where his chin is. He also has three pieces of hair which is shaped like triangles which covers his forehead with the longest strain in the middle going down to in between his two eyes. The back of his hair through is spiked and sticks out with the spikes being shaped like right triangles and the spikes being located at the end of the top of his head where they stick upward and the sides of his head where they stick outward. Sebastian's casual outfit consists of a white button up t-shirt which he has the button on the top unbotton and the shirt's collar sticking up, a necklace made of rope which has three shark teeth tied to the rope, blue jeans which has a black hoodie tied at the waste, and black flip flops. His blading outfit though consists of a grey zipped up t-shirt, black sweat bands at the wrists, black pants with blue shorts over the pants with a purple rope tied around the waste, and black boots.

Beyblade Chip: Susanoo is a black left spinning chip with a man with a black beard and long black hair in the center holding a silver sword and dressed in purple armor and having red eyes.

Beyblade Ring: Hero is a purple left spinning ring with 4 attacks points as it contains two large metal attack points on the top left and bottom right of the ring that are shaped like swords and two other attack points on the opposite of the ring which are smaller and made out of plastic, similarly to the Zwei layer base.

Chassis: A purple 4A.

Forge Disk (if not a double chassis): A purple around.

Driver: A purple destroy'.

Beyblade Type: Left spin attack

Special Moves:
Hero Slam: Hero Susanoo speeds up with the stadium slopes and crashes against the opponent using the metal on its Hero ring to cause serious damage.
Name: Pharma Shinosko

Gender: Male

Height: 4'8"

Birthday: June 24th

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Blue, but when in Karma mode, eyes will be fully black.

Personality: Pharma is a calm, gentle person. He normally believes that people can do great deeds until something goes inside him, turning him into a god (not op though).

Appearance: Pharma wears a white t shirt with a red jacket with black lines. When he is in Karma mode, his clothing turns into a black t shirt and white jacket with lightning symbol.

Beyblade: Fantasy Phoebus. 2B. ElDr

Beyblade Ring: Fantasy- This ring is more of a circular shape, like Ragnaruk, but instead  of wings, it has mini barricades created by wind.

Beyblade Chip: Phoebus- The chip is yellow but Phoebus is in the middle with lightning surrounding him, and he is holding a lightning rod on his right arm, while on the left, he has a Elemental wrist band.

Chassis- 2B is a chassis that came on World Spriggan that can either be more of a defensive type in the defense mode, or it can be more offensive with its attack mode.

Driver- Electric Drive is a driver that is like Power and Almight fused together. The Power part of the driver is that there will be pom at the bottom, which can shift down. The Almight part of the driver is that it can use a metal gear.


Fantasy Push- Phoebus' barricades at high speeds will create a strong gush of wind that will push the opponent's bey away.

Fantasy Wreck- Phoebus smashes onto a bey and causes it to scrape, and lose lots of spin energy

God of Elements- Corrupted Phoebus will hit onto the wall, redirecting itself to the opponent's bey, which deals and does a lot of capable destruction to the stadium sometimes

Karma Whirlwind- Phoebus' barricades create wind that will soon for into a hurricane that fractures the bey (bursting it) and will become stronger if Phoebus spins faster than what is needed.

Karma Recreation- Corrupted Phoebus for some reason absorbs some of its opponent's bey's spin energy and converts it to its own for more spin time.

Karma Flash- Corrupted Phoebus' driver shaft will shift down until it's fully flat, which causes it to spin around the stadium rim to gain absolute amounts of spin energy. This move is usable when Phoebus is corrupted in attack mode.

Fantasy Flash- Phoebus' driver shaft will shift down until it's fully flat, which causes it to spin around the stadium rim to gain absolute amounts of spin energy. This move is usable when Phoebus is in attack mode

World of Fantasies- Phoebus will hit the wall, flying into the air, and smashing on the opponent's bey, which causes it to do capable damage, or it might burst the other bey.

Phantom Barrier- Phoebus' barricades will create a barrier when it's at high speeds, but the barrier gets stronger if Phoebus is spinning longer and faster. This move is usable when Normal/Corrupted Phoebus is in defense mode.

Description of Outfit: It's in appearance.