[Fan Fiction]  Beyblade burst: Mask

We’ve seen the hero of the stories perspective.have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the world though a villain’s eyes? Well then this story is for you since it revolves around the genius antihero, Haro Kisuke and his bey Hermes Haro is also known as the masked Blader. He believes these so called “Legends” in the way of his perfect blading world where nobody is ranked by strength and everyone can enjoy the blading world.

The Hunter system:

DiskGrinescribes how the bey looks

Layer:how thick it is,how many blades it has,gimmick,many more,maybe burst stopper/lock

Disk 1:your classic disk

Disk 2:An extra disk making it thicker (not every bey has it)

Tip:just a tip it can be whatever you want.

You’ll find everything else out later on.