[Fan Fiction]  Beyblade Burst Showdown

Story Plot: In a world of future for beyblade the bladebreakers have made beys in which will decide the future of beyblade and must do whatever it takes to protect the future of beyblade from the hands of a evil person.
Tyson:Tornado Dragoon 12 Volcanic’
Kai: Radiant Dranzer 7 Burn’
Ray: Gold Driger 6Reach Zephyr’
Driger: Wavy Draciel 0Cross Atomic’
Daichi: Star Dragoon 13Bump Variable’
Kenny: Guardian Cyber Gravity Operate
Hillary: Hail Pegasus 8’Glaive Nothing
Tala: Frost Wolborg 1Cross Bearing
Bryan: Global Falborg Vanguard Xtend+
Spencer: Brink Seaborg 12 Friction
Ian: Air Wyvborg Ride Fusion’
Lee: Yin Galeon Dark Spiral
Mariah: Legacy Galux 15 Paw
Gary: Howling Galzzly 3 Power
Kevin: Crazy Galman 10 Orbit Metal
Hiro: Yang Driger 00 Accel’, Wood Dragoon 13 Flugel, Black Draciel 10Wall Universe, Ember Dranzer 12 Blow’