Fafnir with drift vs Dynamite Belial (F Gear) Nexus Evolution (Awakened)

Which is better vanish fafnir with drift or Dynamite Belial (F Gear) Nexus Evolution (Awakened)?
You're not being specific which Fafnir combo. Not as helpful there.

I will say this though, it doesn't matter much. Unless you're using something as light as Drain, Fafnir should win that easily. Dynamite +F doesn't have much Attack power, and +F actually reduces what little it has. It's chances of a KO aren't high, and modern Fafnir's are tanky enough to handle it.
Sorry about that BTW it's vanish fafnir
I've been in this sort of scenario before, against Vanish on Drift. Instead of Nexus Evolution on my Dynamite+F Belial, it was on Giga Orbit. I won 3-1, by KOs. I did so by hard launching at an angle to force Vanish to pick up spin, then move to and ride the tornado ridge as I steal the center and let it's lack of control self-KO the Vanish combo.

This works with Orbit well, it probably won't work so well with Evolution since it doesn't like to settle as well. Add to that it's general lack of Attack and Stamina, and I just don't see it working that way.