Okay, sort of like the make your own Bit Beast thread, but for MFB. You describe the 'Spirit', for lack of a better term, of your face. Please, at least try to keep it a constellation. The only rule is that you can't use a constellation that has already been used.

Special Attack:

Name: Sirius
Constellation: Canis Major
Color: Silver
Description: A somewhat large dog, outfitted in samurai armor, with a katana sheathed on it's left shoulder.
Special Attack: Sirius Pack Slash; Sirius knocks the opposing Bey into the air, then again right before it lands, and one more time to finish the enemy off. Each hit is represented by a different canine, the final being Sirius himself.
LOl not trying to be rude, but a dog in samurai armour : D.

Not quite sure how that would look (unless you meant a somewhat humanoid one)
(May. 27, 2010  1:13 PM)momiji manju Wrote: LOl not trying to be rude, but a dog in samurai armour : D.
This guy [Image: 2445379137_8ef162b558.jpg] in this helmet [Image: doghelmet.jpg]

Tenkagomen no Samurai Inu... ShinkenInu, mairu!! (The official Samurai Dog...ShinkenDog, Go Forth!!) Grin

BTW, shouldn't this thread be in the Your Creations forum instead? :\