FROSTY DRIVERS: Tournament Report

Hey everyone, here's a report as to how FROSTY DRIVERS, a tournament I had recently hosted, played out. If you'd like to make a response to this thread, but don't have access to the Organizers' Circle, feel free to make a reply in the link above. Please sit back, relax and enjoy!

1234beyblade, pyrus10000, JesseObre and I have been planning to do something special as a part of Bey Brad's belated birthday. For weeks, we had planned on buying him cake but it was only the day before the tournament when 1234beyblade decided ''guys, we are not buying cake in freezing cold weather.''. We had agreed on buying pizza instead. We had met up at around 10:00 that morning and just kind of hung out around our shelter till around 45 after when we went to go by Pizza Hut. We arrived only to notice that it was closed for another hour, so that was pretty unfortunate. We had went by a Pizza Pizza instead and still arrived back at the tournament spot by 11:30. We were hoping everyone but Hato, Kei and Lani (who were also in on the surprise) would be there by 12:00 and not earlier. They were there but also with, you guessed it, Bey Brad. Our initial plan was to be set up with the pizza by around 11:30 so all the other attendees including Brad would be at the tournament to come to the pizza and to hear us sing Happy Birthday. We had to improvise. As we approached the tournament spot, we started to blurt out Happy Birthday! Brad was happy and so were we.

We started the tournament around the start time and had separated into blocks. In Block A was Kei, ThermalG, Suntailhawk, BAWB18 and myself. In Block B was Hato, Bey Brad, 1234beyblade, JesseObre and Lani. pyrus10000 had to leave to go to piano lessons, but came back to be with us later on in the event. U wot m8 and LMAO had showed up a bit late, initially not planning to come, but they did in time to join a block.

[Image: frosty1.jpg]

In Block A, Kei and myself had moved on to the semi-finals with a score of 4-1. In Block B, Bey Brad and JesseObre had also advanced with the same record. It was surprising to a lot of us that 1234beyblade didn't make it to semi-finals, for one of the first times in 2015!

Records Before Semi-Finals (Click to View)

The finals had played out very interestingly. JesseObre had landed up with a score of 0-3, which automatically gave him fourth place and an overall record of 4-4. I was up 2-1, Kei was 1-1 and Bey Brad was 2-0. To win first place, he had to win that match or else we would be forced into a tiebreaker. Bey Brad's Valkyrie Heavy Accel wasn't able to knockout Kei's Deathscyther Heavy Defense and the tiebreaker was exactly what we had to do. I had been down 0-2 so I was given 3rd place and a record of 6-4 by default. Kei and Bey Brad after winning against me were both up with one win so their match determined the winner. The winner was Bey Brad!

[Image: frosty2.jpg]

After the tournament, Kei, Bey Brad, LMAO, pyrus10000, U wot m8, 1234beyblade, BAWB18, Rocketeer (BAWB18's dad), Lani, ThermalG, JesseObre and myself had all did our regular McDonalds trip to McDonalds. It was a super nice way to kick off the year!

I would also like to give a super big thanks to @[Hato] who had helped me run one of the blocks! We all really appreciate that work and we're hoping to see you become an organizer in the new year!