[Event] Pokemon Sun and Moon Wi-Fi League

I found a thread that inspired me to make this which it was black and white not Sun and Moon.
Here is how it works.

There are 12 Gym leaders who specialize on a stratagy or a type. Then, the 1st 4 people to defeat the gym leaders become the Elite 4. Who defeats the Elite 4 1st becomes a champion. If the champion loses to a challenger, then he or she will be put into the hall of fame. Then, the champion of champions (me currently) will pick a challenger to fight and if he or she loses, then he'll or she'll retire. Retired trainers can only fight challengers.

PM me the battle results

Hacked pokemon are not allowed if they don't follow the restrictions they have.
Hacked pokemon can't 
be a Legendary or Arceus (mythical pokemon are allowed)
be a sweeping pokemon
Can't be past level 75 and under level 25

Note: PokeFella and people giving you codes to get you pokemon are allowed.

No Legendary or Mythical Pokemon exept Mew

Gym leaders 

Elite 4

Hall of fame 

Champion of champions 
Event: 1st 4 people to join Automatically become Elite 4 members.
Lucario lvl 63
Incineroar lvl 72
Mimikyu lvl 66
Ambipom lvl 58
Lycanroc lvl 74
Altaria lvl 60