Eternal-E's Drawing Tornament!

Yes that is right, ANOTHER DRAWING TORNAMENT! This one is different because of one thing! BETTER JUDGEMENT! I need as many judges as possible before 9/10/12 at 11:59 AM. I also need contestants to draw by than. That's when the contest start's, so... Here are the
ContestantsJudjesPractice your drawing because round one will only be a week.
I have a feeing people will join this instead of mine
I have a feeling no ones going to join because there are loads of random tournaments. What do you mean by drawing? This is a gfx isn't it?
doesn't GFX mean graphics?
EDIT: i changed the name to drawing, just for you.
Obviously, if the only thing that is different is something you do not even have, you should not post.