Epics ULITIMATE luxury Beybox!

i made a beyblade storage container! it can hold up to 12 beys hole and over 30 tracks and preformance tips!!! it also has a specal space to hold your winders and a luxury spot for your favorite beys! tell me what you think.
    outside,there is a handle and a buckle for easy travle.
    ( a bad picture ) inside it you can see the winder and the launcher grip with a couple of launchers (no you cant,(probly)
    heres the luxury space to hold your beys. each one has a little slot at the bottom to protect peices like RFs.

so sorry for the bad quality!plz tell me what you think!
Please use the "What's your carry case" thread Smile
Thanks Grin
ok,sorry.if a mod dissaproves of this,take it down plz.