Epic Beyblade Illegal Customization Combos - Electrum Emperor ι Iota X:D

This is my own customization combo: Electrum Emperor ι Iota X:D

It is a magnificent combo that combined the parts taken from the following nine beys:

Sol Blaze V145AS (face bolt)
Hasbro Super Vortex Stadium Set Ray Striker D125CS (clear wheel)
Hades Kerbecs BD145DS (fusion wheel & clear wheel)
Legend Beyblade Set Gold Fang Leone 130W2D (fusion wheel)
Blue Wing Big Bang Pegasis 125SF (PC frame)
Legend Beyblade Set Gold Big Bang Pegasis F: D (fusion wheel)
Strongest Blader Set Basalt Horogium 130WD (fusion wheel)
Golden Diablo Nemesis X: D (fusion wheel)
Diablo Nemesis X: D Dragren Ver. (drive bottom)

Type: Balance (2 attack beys, 2 defense beys, 1 stamina bey, and 3 balance beys)

The white part in the middle is the spin track that I made by using  3D-printing. I created this track based on the design of the Metal Fight Beyblade spin track WD145 (I basically made a copy of WD145). It works pretty well to hold all the parts together. I got help from a 3D-printing service called Seventh Density Digital Design in my hometown. You guys can check out their website if you want to get the same 3D printing service:
Or contact: Christopher@7thdensity.com

[Image: cdRqGei.jpg]
[Image: 6ii9Q9y.jpg]