Energy Layer - Right Artemis

Right Artemis is a Right Spin Attack Type Energy Layer that features and overall square shaped design with six blades, akin to Wild Wyvern. The right side of the Layer features a face, meant to represent Artemis, the goddess of the moon in Greek and Roman mythology. As part of the Cho-Z Layer System, Right Artemis features metal in its design; lining the blades. The inclusion of metal makes the Layer heavier than most SwitchStrike/God Layers. Right Artemis also features a gimmick; like its predecessor Duo Artemis, and its counterpart Left Apollos, the Layer can be split in half to form either Right Eclipse or Left Eclipse.

While the Layer's tall teeth, heavy weight and seemingly aggressive design may imply high Attack potential, the blades are very compact with little space in between, severely reducing Attack potential. Furthermore, the recoil Right Artemis does have makes it unsuitable for Defense or Stamina combinations.

Due to the gimmick, Right Artemis is incompatible with a Level Chip.

When combined with Left Apollos, the results are classified as different Layers, thus any differences in performance will be listed on the pages Right Eclipse and Left Eclipse.

With too little recoil for Attack and too much recoil for Defense and Stamina, Right Artemis is outclassed by many other Layers such as Winning Valkyrie.

As such, Right Artemis is recommended for collection purposes only.